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How to Paginate Comments in WordPress?

How to Paginate Comments in WordPress
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become one of the main concern for all the website users. The betterment of SEO means the betterment of your site. It also plays a very important role to index your website ranking in Google. Most of the websites these days keeps SEO as the main concern for the improvement in posts, pages, articles, blogs, etc. In this case, one should learn to Paginate Comments in WordPress.  Usually, what we see in most of the site is that the post having numbers of comment takes a long time to load while comparing to the one that doesn’t. Comments are always useful as it shows how your...

How to Add a New WordPress Admin User?

How to Add a New WordPress Admin User
Do you want to Add a New WordPress Admin User? On the previous articles, we learned to add a new user in WordPress website. A new user could be subscriber, administrator, contributor or the author. As the post of the user, the administrator is responsible for all the administrative activities of the website. They have full authority to make changes on the website.  As you have searched for this article, it must be sure that you are going to add a new user as an administrator on your website. So, let us further move on How to Add a New WordPress Admin User. Let’s Start:

How to Create an Image Gallery in WordPress?

How to Create an Image Gallery in WordPress
Do you want to create an image gallery in WordPress? Image Gallery is used to display numbers of images in your posts and pages in proper format displaying in rows and columns. Images are used in websites to make it look attractive and beautiful.  When you add images manually in any posts or pages, it displays something like this on your website. Quite boring to view. The other disadvantage is that it takes a lot of space and the visitors need to scroll a lot to view the images. The same images, when you display in your...

How to Install a WordPress Child Theme?

How to Install a WordPress Child Theme
Before getting started with the process to install a WordPress child theme, let’s know “What is a Child Theme” A child theme is a sub-theme of a parent theme that enables you to customize the code without breaking any original functionality.  Child Theme is regarded as the finest and safest way to make changes in the existing parent theme. Developers also provide a way to create a bunch of fresh new designs and features along with a child theme.  A slight modifying and updating lead to losing many things in a site. So a child theme is appreciated as it makes updates perfectly done without any fear to lose modifications. Let’s...

How to Add Background Image in WordPress?

How to Add Background Image in WordPress
Do you want to add background image in WordPress?  WordPress is a popular content management system for creating websites. Background Images makes your website stand out and unique. There are many websites that use the same WordPress theme. Using a background image can differentiate your website from the rest of the other websites.  For Example: If yours is a personal blog website and the other person owns a photography website using the same theme. In this case, when you use a background image it makes your website apart from the other one.  Not only with the website using similar themes, but even the website that uses a unique...

How to Switch to a Different Theme on your WordPress Website?

How to Switch to a Different Theme on your WordPress Website
Switching to a different theme is a fairly simple yet major event to change the appearance of your WordPress website. You need to select the appropriate theme and back up before taking a decision to switch to a different theme.  Along with changing a theme, you need to be careful about preventing your site from losing data and traffic. Your changed theme might have an ability to change potential ingrained functionality and break it. So, be very careful.  I am sure you want to switch to a different theme with 0% risk endeavour. For that you need to  follow the below mentioned precautionary steps before beginning the process:

How to Create a Custom WordPress Menu?

How to Create a Custom WordPress Menu
Think that WordPress is too hard to learn? Not really, tutorials and blogs related to WordPress help you to understand it better. WordPress site is created after you choose the theme and make a few changes in the admin panel.  Same is the case with creating a custom WordPress menu, just a few steps and you are likely to create one.  A custom menu can also contain links to the important contents of your website or social media network. It helps your audience to direct toward the targetted destination. So, let’s get started and create a custom menu in your site:

How to Remove Category Base from your WordPress URLs?

How to Remove Category Base from your WordPress URLs
Are you thinking of removing category base from your WordPress URLs? Well, I am sure you want to do this to receive SEO benefits and better user-friendly URLs. Generally removing category means to remove /category/ from your site URL.  By default, WordPress uses categories base in their links automatically. But, don’t you worry, removing Category Base from your WordPress URLs is really easy.  Here we will be discussing two methods with step by step guide to get your category base removed. We will do it with and without the use of WordPress Plugin.  Remove Category Base through SettingsRemove Category using Yoast SEO Plugin Method I:...

How to Create Secondary WordPress Menu?

How to Create a Secondary WordPress Menu
A menu is usually a must on your website, as it accesses users to the page they would like to visit. Secondary Menus are the sub of Primary Menus. In order to Create Secondary WordPress Menu, you should have a primary menu list on your website. In the previous tutorial, I described the method to create a WordPress Menu with an external link. Today, we will learn to Create Secondary WordPress Menus. Let's start: Log In to your WordPress website or Click on DashboardClick on Appearance>>Menus Select the menu you would like to edit

How to Check your WordPress Plugin’s Version?

How to Check your WordPress Plugin's Version
Checking the WordPress plugin version is a simple yet very important step that one must not forget. Updating a plugin after checking it will keep your website up to date.  Despite having a lot of benefits, the plugin made by third-party developers might build up a lot of compatibility issues. Not, only this but the plugin might not as well work properly with your theme. In this case, you need to check your WordPress plugin’s version and update it.  Let’s go through some simple step by step guide. Checking the WordPress plugin’s version is essential in order to solve the possible issues.  Check your WordPress Plugin's Version