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How to Add Tags to your WordPress Posts

How to Add Tags to your WordPress Post?

When you decide to add tags to your WordPress post, it’s obvious that you would like them indexed by search engines quickly. So, why not? Let’s add tags and make our post rank higher than before. 

How to Set the Default Language of your WordPress Website?

The visitors whom you target to view your website must understand the language in which your site appears. For example, if the website you are creating is a website of government organization, then it is better if...
How to Set Featured Image in a Page or Post

How to Set Featured Image in a Page or Post?

Online articles with an image can receive 94 per cent more views than articles without an image. After knowing the effective use of Feature images, you can use it to increase the visual presence of your website....

How to Change WordPress Website Site Title and Tag Line?

Though changing WordPress website site title and the tag line is a very easy job, to some of the beginners, it might be little confusing and relatively harder. That’s because it is a completely new thing. 

How to Set Time Zone of your WordPress Website?

Lot of you might be thinking “Is it important to set Time Zone Settings on your WordPress site?” Personally, I would say yes as setting the Time zone will enable you to publish the post as per...

How to control/manage users registration on your WordPress website?

When the visitors reach your site and view the contents, there’s a possibility that they might want to stay connected to your site. In most of the website you view, somewhere on the page of the home...
How to Change Admin Email of your WordPress Website?

How to Change Admin Email of your WordPress Website?

While installing WordPress, you were asked to add an email address in one of the steps. By default, WordPress uses that very first email address as admin email. All the important notifications of website activities and performance...