How to Add Background Image in WordPress?

How to Add Background Image in WordPress
How to Add Background Image in WordPress

Do you want to add background image in WordPress? 

WordPress is a popular content management system for creating websites. Background Images makes your website stand out and unique. There are many websites that use the same WordPress theme. Using a background image can differentiate your website from the rest of the other websites. 

For Example: If yours is a personal blog website and the other person owns a photography website using the same theme. In this case, when you use a background image it makes your website apart from the other one. 

Not only with the website using similar themes, but even the website that uses a unique theme can use background images. It facilitates to give individual pages and posts more unique look with a background image on a specific one.

According to this blog post, 1920 x 1080 pixels is a suitable size for a WordPress background image with a ratio of 16:9

Today, in this tutorial, we will learn 2 different ways.

Adding Background Image from WordPress Theme Setting

Most of the theme these days have the option of adding a background image from the theme. If your theme has an option to add it then follow this and if not jump to our next method. Doing it from the theme is simple, quick and easy. No need for knowledge of coding or adding extra plugins. 

Let us learn it from the WordPress Theme Settings

  • Go to the Appearance tab and click on the Customize option.
  • Click on Background Image

There you can see a panel where you need to upload image for the selected web page. You can upload the image from the media library or upload the one from your computer. 

  • Click on Select Image
  • Upload or select the image, Click on Choose Image. 

You will see the Live Preview of the site with the set background. You can change it at the time if you don’t find the background appealing. 

After this, choose the necessary features required. You can see different options to display. Preview it and select the best option.

  • Click on Publish

Adding Background Image Using Plugin 

Plugins are used in a website to support and facilitate the feature the theme lacks. Using a Plugin to add a Background Image is a way more smooth and efficient process. The plugins are compatible with any themes. The plugin allows you to add multiple background images. 

Even in the case, you don’t have an option to add from the theme, you can do it by the use of a plugin. 

Let us learn to do it using a plugin. 

Follow our quick tutorial guide on ‘How to install a WordPress Plugin in case you have no idea about it. 

After you are done installing the plugin,

  • Click on Appearance>>Fullscreen BG Image

There on the page, you can see the option to choose an image.

  • Select the image from the media library or upload it. 

Once you choose the image, you can see the live preview of how it looks on your website.

  • Click on Save Options

Here, you are done with adding the background image on your WordPress website.

Depending upon the type of website you own, it is necessary to select the image. Be sure to choose the one that suits your site the best.


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