How to Add Captions to Featured Images in WordPress?


Are you curious to learn to add captions to featured images in WordPress?

The featured image is the image that is displayed at the top of blog posts representing the content, theme, and mood of the page or a post. Additionally, the main motive of the featured image is to make users understand the content of the post without going through the overall text.

Generally, it is the primary image of the blog which appears immediately after the heading. Furthermore, it is the key element to grab the attention of the viewer as well as engage them in the post.

Featured image is among the factors that help to maintain the SEO of the site. The addition of the caption adds background information about the image which ultimately maintains the readability of the site.

Steps to Add Captions to Featured Image

By default, you are allowed to add a caption and description whenever you upload a featured image. The exhibition of the caption is not guaranteed as this totally depends upon the theme you have used. 

Some theme like Twenty Twenty displays the caption along with the image. However, a theme such as Twenty Sixteen doesn’t allow to do so. In such a case we need to add plugins. Here in this article, we have mentioned the ways to add captions to featured images using Featured Image Caption.

Featured Image Caption is a free plugin that is easy to handle and quick to use. This plugin doesn’t require additional configuration. It displays captions to featured images without creating problems. 

Without further delay, let’s start:

  • Install and activate plugin Featured Image Caption.
  • Navigate to Posts >> All posts. Choose the post you would like to work with by clicking the “Edit” button. 
Add captions to featured images
  • Add the featured image and type the caption.
Add to featured images
  • Simply, click on the Publish button or save at draft after completion of work. Finally view the page and you will find a caption displayed along with the image like in the screen below: 
Add captions to featured images

This is how we add captions to featured images in WordPress.

Wrapping up:

In conclusion, the process of adding captions is quite simple. Follow the above-mentioned steps properly for better performance. We hope this article was helpful for you. You can go through our tutorial “How to Add Featured Image in WordPress?” to gain more knowledge bout featured images. 



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