How to Add Font Awesome Icons to WordPress?

How to Add Font Awesome Icons to WordPress

Do you want to add font awesome icons to WordPress? That’s really easy and equally important as icons improve the visual interest and grab the user’s attention effectively. 

Font Awesome Icon is a collection of vector icon that is used on your website. It can be of every brand and shape. By default, you will not be able to use Font Awesome Icons right away from the start. You need to set up some settings before inserting the icons.

Always remember adding font awesome icons, it will automatically be delivered to your site as actual fonts. But, don’t you worry as you will be able to style them the way you want. 

Why Add Font Awesome Icon to WordPress?

Font Awesome based on CSS and LESS can be colored, resized and made text and icons on the same line. Font Awesome has thousands of different icons that can be inserted in WordPress sites. 

They make your site popular with its modern look as they have good functionality and high quality. It is also compatible with all browsers. Features of Font Awesome:

  • Uses CSS Manipulation and Add Animation 
  • Resize Icons without degrading any quality of it
  • Customized icons instantly – color, drop shadow and much more
  • Place it in your desired place using style prefix and icons name

Adding Font Icons using WordPress Plugins

Modifying theme files might be difficult for beginners. So, simply use a plugin to enable the use of icon fonts everywhere on your website. This is the most user-friendly, simple, and easy way among different other methods. 

First of all, you need to Install and Activate Font Awesome Plugin. For that choose Plugins>>Add New at the left bar of your page. 

Add Font Awesome Icons to WordPress.

If you have any confusion while installing the plugin, go through our article to install a WordPress plugin easily. 

After activating the plugin, you will be able to enable the plugin’s support in your theme. 

Edit any of your WordPress Page or Posts. Use the icon shortcode given below:

[icon name=”rocket”]

Remember that you can add this shortcode in the shortcode block or simply use it with the text. 

Add Font Awesome Icons to WordPress.

Vsit your Website Post or Page when you are done. Then, you can see icons on the live site.

I hope this article has helped you to add icons to your WordPress site easily. Additionally, if you have any confusion while disabling the screen options button in WordPress then go through our article “How to Disable the Screen Options Button in WordPress?


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