How to Add an Image in your WordPress Sidebar Widget?

How to Add an Image in your WordPress Sidebar Widget

Do you want to Add Image in WordPress Sidebar Widget?

A sidebar is a graphical control element that displays various forms of information at the right or left side of your website. You can also add images on your sidebar to make it look attractive. By default, WordPress allows you to upload images on the sidebar or any place in the site. In this tutorial, we will learn to Add Image in WordPress Sidebar Widget. 

In a website layout, the sidebar widget is an important part that has more focus. So, adding a beautiful image in WordPress Sidebar attracts users. 

So, let’s start:

Adding Image in WordPress Sidebar Widget using Image Widget

You can easily add images in WordPress Sidebar Widget from the Dashboard appearance. 

  • Click on Appearance>>Widget

On the page, you can see the Display and Image option. 

  • Drag and Drop the Image to the Sidebar area. 
  • Add an Image in the Sidebar and Save the Changes. 

Adding Image in WordPress Sidebar Widget using Plugin

You can also add Images in WordPress Sidebar Widget by using a plugin. The use of plugin is simple and easy way.

As a first step, you need to install and activate the Image Widget plugin on your website. Follow our tutorial guide on ‘How to Install a Plugin in your WordPress Website?

  • Click on Appearance>>Widget.

You can see the Image Widget under the available widget.

  • Click on the Image Widget and select/pick the position of your widget.

After you select the position of the widget, you can see it appear on the sidebar.

  • Select the Image and Save the changes.

Now, when you view your website, you can see the image in the sidebar widget of your site. There are many other ways such as using a text widget, using the plugin, etc to add an image in the sidebar widget. But, this is the easiest way out of all for the beginners. 

Comment down your suggestion, view and ideas with us. Also, follow our tutorials to learn more about WordPress!


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