How to Add Navigation Menu in your WordPress Website?


Do you want to Add Navigation Menu in your WordPress Website

The navigation menu is the main menu that appears on the top of the homepage of the website. In a simple word, a navigation menu is the lists of link usually presented at the top of every page on a site. These menus have access to some of the important pages/posts of the site that the visitors might be searching to grab necessary information.

In WordPress, it is quite easy to add menus and sub-menus. You just need to add links to the important posts, pages, categories, blog posts or even the custom links.

 It is not necessary that the menu has to appear at the top of the page on all the site. The location of the menu may depend upon the theme as well. Particularly, the WordPress theme comes with a primary menu that appears on the top but can also include a secondary menu, footer menu, sidebar menu, or a mobile navigation menu

In this tutorial, we will learn to add a navigation menu on the WordPress site. Let’s Start:

Creating a Custom Navigation Menu

In order to create a navigation menu, 

  • Click on Appearance>>Menu page in your WordPress admin dashboard. 
  • Give a name to your menu and click on ‘Create Menu’ button. 

The menu area expands and looks like this:

  • Select the pages you want to add on the menu. 

WordPress provides you with the option to automatically add new top-level pages to the menu or choose specific pages from the left column. 

  • Click on ‘View All’ tab to see all of your site’s pages. 
  • Check the box of all the pages you want to add on your menu. 
  • Click on ‘Add to Menu’ button. 

After you have added pages on your WordPress navigation menu, you can move and maintain the order by simple drag-and-drop. 

Once you drag and drop these menus, it’s time to save the menu and live it on your site. 

Most themes have various display location where you can put the menus such as desktop horizontal menu, desktop expanded menu, mobile menu, footer menu, social menu etc. 

Select the appropriate display location. 

Creating/Adding Drop-down Menus in WordPress

Drop-down menus also known as nested menus are the navigation menu with the parent and child menu items. With this, the drop-down menu appears as sub-menu in the navigation menu section of the site. 

It is quite easy to create sub-menu. 

  • Simply drag the menu and drop it slightly to the right

As you can see, the three items My account, Sample Page and Shop are the sub-menus of the Cart that I created with a drag-and-drop option. 

Users can even add multiple layers of the drop-down to create sub-menu of the sub-menus

Adding Categories in WordPress Navigation Menu

The navigation menu in any of the WordPress site not only has the pages but also the categories, posts, custom links, etc. For a blogging website, users can add blog categories too. 

In order to add categories in WordPress Navigation Menu,

  • Click on the ‘Categories‘ tab on the left side of the Menu Screen
  • Select the ‘View All’ tab to see all the categories of your site. 
  • Choose the categories you want to add to your menu and click on ‘Add to Menu’ button.  

Once you click on ‘Add to Menu’ button, the categories appear as the regular menu item on the bottom of the menu. 

  • Simply drag and drop the menu into the position as you want. 

Here, I have added all the categories as the sub-menu of Blog. 

Adding Custom Links in WordPress Navigation Menu

WordPress makes it super easy and simple to add custom links in any of the menus. You can use the custom link option in the menu to link to your social media accounts, your online store or other websites you own

In order to Add Custom Links in WordPress Navigation Menu, 

  • Select the ‘Custom Links’ tab on the Menu Screen.
  • Provide the link and the text you want to use in the menu. 
  • Click on ‘Add to Menu

You can also add social media links in the same way. 

Editing or Removing Menu Item in WordPress Navigation Menu

While adding posts, pages, categories and custom links in the navigation menu, WordPress uses page title or category name as the link text. You might want to change or remove it.

Users can edit or remove the menu items by simply clicking on the downward arrow next to it. 

  • Edit the navigation label or remove the menu item by clicking on the remove option. 

After all the modification and changes are made on your website, click on ‘Save Menu’ button to add/create a navigation menu in your WordPress site. 

This is how it appeared on my site. 

Similarly, you can follow the same steps to create a beautiful Navigation Menu on your WordPress website too.

Also, follow our tutorials to learn more about WordPress!


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