How to Add Specific Post to WordPress Navigation Menu?

Add Specific Post to WordPress Navigation Menu

Do you want to Add Specific Post to WordPress Navigation Menu on your website?

In general, we can customize, add posts, pages, categories and custom links to WordPress menus.

A navigation menu is a list of links pointing to the important areas of the site. The horizontal bar of links at the top of websites pages is presented as a navigation menu. It helps to give your site a structure and allow visitors to find what they are looking for! If you want to learn to create a navigation menu, then follow our tutorial guide.

Sometimes, you might need/want to add a specific post to your navigation menu. The post can be the most popular one or something specific that you would like to reach out to the visitors quickly.

In this case, you can Add Specific Post to WordPress Navigation Menu. Mostly, the navigation menus consist of pages such as About Page, Separate Blog Page, Pricing Page, Contact Form Page and many. But, there is an option to add even a post on the menu.

So, Let’s Start:

  • Login to your WordPress Website or Click on Dashboard
  • Click on Appearance>>Menus
  • Select the Menu you would like to Edit

Once you select the menu to edit, you’ll see the tabs for pages, posts, custom links and categories. 

  • Click on the tab to expand it. 

If you can’t see the post tab on your menu items, 

  • Click on Screen option situated at the top right corner of the page.
  • Select the Post button. 

After the post tab appears on the menu item, 

  • Click on Post to expand it. 
  • Select the post you want to add to the WordPress navigation menu. 
  • Click on Add to Menu button.

Once you have added the specific post to the navigation menu, you can drag and drop the menu items to arrange the display order in your website. 

  • Save the changes by clicking on the Save Menu button. 

Now, when you go to the homepage of your website and view the navigation menu, you will see the post appear on the menu.

In this way, you can successfully Add a Specific Post to WordPress Navigation Menu. Easy, Simple and Quick!

Also, follow our site for more WordPress tutorials. 


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