How to Add Posts by Email in your WordPress Website?

How to Add Posts by Email in your WordPress Website

Do you want to Add Posts by Email in your WordPress Website?

WordPress is composed of many features that make it unique and feature-full to use. In addition, WordPress also allows you to add write and publish blogs posts on the site straight from the mail. 

Adding posts by Email can be necessary when your site is blocked for a certain period of time. Also, in a few countries, the governments ban website for their policies, explicit contents that violate the policies. It is hard to publish and access the content. In this context, post by Email allows publishing content even without access to the site.  

It can also be useful for reporters, journalists working in the rural areas of the country with less internet connection. In this tutorial, we will learn to Add Posts by Email in your WordPress Website. 

Add Posts by Email in WordPress

As a first step, you need to Install and Activate Jetpack plugin in your site. The plugin Jetpack – WP Security, Backup, Speed, & Growth is the most popular WordPress plugin that enables you to Add Post by Email in the easiest way. Follow our tutorial to learn to ‘Install New Plugin in your WordPress Website.’

After the activation of the plugin, you need to sync it to an existing account. Once done, you can head towards adding posts by Email. 

  • Click on Jetpack>>Settings
  • Select the writing heading on the page. 
  • Scroll down to the bottom and look for the post by email box.  
  • Use the toggle button to enable the feature. 

Jetpack will automatically generate an email address for your site. 

  • Click on Create address button. 

Now, in order to write the posts by Email, you need to send the email to the provided address. 

Note: You need to keep this Email private because anyone can post content to your blog by sending an email. 

Here, you can simply add posts by Email on your site in an easy and simple way. Also, follow our tutorials to learn more about WordPress


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