How to Add Tags to your WordPress Post?

How to Add Tags to your WordPress Posts

When you decide to add tags to your WordPress post, it’s obvious that you would like them indexed by search engines quickly. So, why not? Let’s add tags and make our post rank higher than before. 

Adding tags in the post according to the subject matter will increase the number of readers in the site. Tags help both search engines and human to find information easily. So, choose relevant tags and add them to highlight the information across the relevant subject and post. 

So, before adding a tag let’s get a basic idea about the appropriate selection of words. For example: If your topic is ‘How to Install a Plugin in your WordPress Website?’ Then, look at the screenshots below to simply understand what words to use. 

A Good and Appropriate Tag:

Add Tags to your WordPress Post.

An Unappropriate Tag:

Add Tags to your WordPress Post.

Now, as you know tag, it’s importance and way to separate appropriate tag. Let’s go through this easy 2 methods to add tags to WordPress Post:

i) Manual Method

ii) Bulk Edit and Quick Edit

Method I: Add Tags Manually on WordPress Post 

This method is usually applicable while adding tags manually. After writing all the content. Choose the appropriate Tags and add them to your post. 

Step 1: Create a New Post 

Login to your WordPress dashboard and go to Post>>Add New to Create a New Post. 

There, write the title and write your contents as per your need. 

Step 2: Add Tags to WordPress Post

On the right side of the page, you can see the Tags option. Add all the appropriate Tags in the Add New Tag Option. 

Add Tags to your WordPress Post.

Method II: Add Tags From All WordPress Posts Page (Bulk and Quick Edit Method)

Step 1: Log in to the Dashboard

First of all, login to the Dashboard of WordPress website. Then click on the button Posts>>All Posts

Step 2: Search of Posts 

All the list of saved posts will appear on your website. All the 20 posts will appear in the page. Search for the posts on the screen. 

Step 3: Use Quick Edit or Bulk Edit

  1. Quick Edit

To use the Quick Edit option Click on the button Quick Edit to open up the post. 

Add Tags to your WordPress Post.

Then, add all the necessary tags as per your post description, content, headings and much more. Also, you can delete all the unnecessary tags. Add some new if you want. 

Add Tags to your WordPress Post.

Finally, Click on the Update button after making all the required changes. 

2.Bulk Edit

Using the Bulk Edit option, you can edit multiple posts to add them.  

Select the post you want to Edit and Select the Bulk Actions option. Then, Click on the Apply button. 

Add Tags to your WordPress Post.

Add all the tags that you think are relevant to your post. Don’t forget to use a comma after using each tag. Doing this will save you time and get the job done in an easier way. Check the spelling and words before finalizing them to update.

Add Tags to your WordPress Post
WordPress Tags
Adding WordPess Tags
Add Tags

Then, Click on the Update button.

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