How to Add Titles in WordPress Menu Without Linking a Page?


Do you want to add titles in a WordPress menu without linking a page? 

WordPress menu, by default, should link with a page or custom link while setting up the menu. It is useful in this case while creating a drop-down menu where you might require to create a submenu without linking a page. Apart from this, it shows static messages correspondingly across the site.

WordPress customizes the site in various ways. Among them, adding a title in a WordPress menu without linking a page is one of them. Without further delay let’s begin step by step instructions to learn how to add title in a WordPress menu without joining a page:

Step1: Create a Menu

First of all, we need to create a new menu or edit the previous one where you wish to add an unlinkable title. For this login to your WordPress admin area.

Navigate to Appearance>>Menu of the left sidebar of the dashboard. Like in the display below, your current menu will already be displayed on the screen if you have one. Else, you need to create a new one. Remember to add a suitable name and save the menu. 

Step2: Addition of Custom Link 

After selecting the menu, you need to add a Custom Link. You will see Add menu items on the left side of the screen, click on the Custom Links, doing so further two more fields URL and Link Text are displayed. 

In order to make the link unlinkable, you need to add the “#” sign-in URL and type an unlinked title in the Link Text. Here, I have used the ‘Secondary menu’ in Link Text. 

Make sure you click the “Add to Menu” button. After the addition of the Custom link, you need to save the menu.

Step3: Edit the menu

Here you need to edit this menu through the drop-down arrow next to the custom. While editing all you have to do is remove this “#” sign used before from the URL and save the menu. You will be able to menu items without a link on the live website.

Add title in WordPress menu without linking a page

  Wrapping up 

In this article, we have discussed a very simple and basic way to figure out how to add titles in the WordPress menu without linking a page. In addition to this, following the guide properly will definitely help you create a menu without linking a page. We hope that the time you invested in learning the article was worthwhile for you. 

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