How to Change Admin Email of your WordPress Website?

How to Change Admin Email of your WordPress Website?

While installing WordPress, you were asked to add an email address in one of the steps. By default, WordPress uses that very first email address as admin email. All the important notifications of website activities and performance are sent to the admin account.

When your site gets more popularity most hackers might misuse your WordPress website or misuse your Email address.  In that case, the best option is to change the Email address and make it secured. 

Sometimes the website owner wants to use a professional business Email address. In that case, you can change your Admin Email without any hassle. Let’s learn easy two methods to change Admin Email of your WordPress website:

Method I: Change Email Address from phpMyAdmin

Method II: Using the Admin Area

Both of these methods are friendly for WordPress Beginners. Using these methods, users don’t need to have any kind of coding knowledge. You can go through the Steps and check the easiest method that is suitable for you. 

Method I: Change Email Address from phpMyAdmin

Step I: Login to your Account 

You need to use phpMyAdmin for this method. First of all Login to the cPanel of your account. There you can get phpMyAdmin icon.

Step II: Choose the Database 

Now, Choose your database name from the left sidebar of the page.

Step III: Choose the Database

Click on the button New. Then you can see different options, out of them choose the structure option. You can clearly see a list of the table that represents a different database. Among them, Click on the wp_options.

Step IV: Edit the Email

Find the admin_email option. Then change the Email that is shown on the left side. 

Step V: Change the option_value

Fill the new Email Address in the white box where the present Email is shown. Finally, Click on the Go option to save all the changes that you have made in your site. 

Before assuring, check your WordPress Admin Area by clicking on your profile. 

Method II: Using the Admin Area. 

This method is the easiest way to change Admin Email on your WordPress website. You don’t need to use any plugin or coding. Simply log in to the Dashboard of your site and begin the process. 

Step I: Login and Change General Settings 

Log in to the Dashboard of your website. Then, Click on the Settings>>General button at the left bar of the page. Then, Click on the button Save Changes

Step II: Change the Email Address of User

Now, Click on the button Users>>All Users. Click the Edit button below the Admin User that Email needs to be changed. 

Step III: Change the Email Adress of your WordPress Website

As soon as you get to see the Contact Info, Edit the Email option present over there. Finally, Click on the button Update Profile to save all the changes made on your website.

You will receive an email if you are logged in. Click on the link that you receive. Now, you have been successful to change the Admin Email of your WordPress website.  

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