How to Change ‘Just Another WordPress Site’ Text on your WordPress Website?

How to Change 'Just Another WordPress Site' Text on your WordPress Website

Do you want to learn to Change ‘Just Another WordPress Site’ Text on your WordPress Website?

By default, all the WordPress website have “Just Another WordPress Site” text in the header or the title bar. This is the tagline of the website. 

A tagline is a WordPress website’s slogan/description. Many websites use a tagline with a unique phrase to describe their site/brand. 

Usually, WordPress beginners often find difficulties in making changes in the site. But, it is very simple and easy to change the tagline or remove it. 

In this tutorial, we will learn to Change ‘Just Another WordPress Site’ Text on our website. There are two different main ways to do so. We will briefly learn about each method above in the article.

Let’s Start:

Method 1: Change the Tagline from WordPress Settings

The simplest way to change the ‘Just Another WordPress Site’/Tagline is through WordPress site’s setting

  • Login to your WordPress website or Click on Dashboard
  • Click on Settings>>General

There appears the tagline field on your page. 

  • Change the tagline or remove it by clearing out the box. 
  • Once, you have changed it, scroll down to the page and click on ‘Save Changes’ button.

Now, when you visit your site, you can see the new tagline in the place of “Just Another WordPress Site”. In the case, you haven’t written any tagline, then the ‘Just Another WordPress Site’ gets replaced by nothing. It simply doesn’t appear in your site. 

Method 2: Change the Tagline through WordPress’s Theme Customizer

  • Click on Appearance>>Customize on your WordPress Dashboard

The page you land on will show the live preview of your website. On the right side of the page, you can see the tabs that allow you to customize various thing of the site.  

  • Select the tab called ‘Site Identity’(This tab usually appears on the top)
  • Click on the tab to expand it. 

There you will see a box with the option to edit or change it. 

  • Change the tagline to something you would like or simply leave it blank
  • Simply click on ‘Publish‘ button. 

Here, you have simply changed the tagline of your WordPress website. Now when you preview or view your site, you will see the described tagline or nothing if you left it blank. It is easy and simple for you to change the “Just Another WordPress Site” through WordPress’s Theme Customizer. 

Select one of the method or way and make the changes in your site as per the necessity. 

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