How to Change WordPress Website Site Title and Tag Line?

How to change your WordPress website Site Title and Tag Line

Though changing WordPress website site title and the tag line is a very easy job, to some of the beginners, it might be little confusing and relatively harder. That’s because it is a completely new thing. 

In this case, learning to change is important. At a time, it could be a must for you to change, to give a new structure to your website. So let us take a quick view in the article. 

Change WordPress website site title and tag line

You can do it within a few steps. Let’s get it changed!

From the General Section:

  • Login to your WordPress website or click on Dashboard
  • Click on Settings>>General

There you can view the current title and tag line. 

  • Remove the Title and Tag Line and rename it. 
  • Scroll down to the page and click on Save Changes

Here you are done, you can also choose the next way,

Change from Customizer Section

You can change site title and tagline directly from the general section. The other way is changing from the customizer. For this

  • Click on Appearance>>Customize
  • Choose the option of Site Identity
  • Rename the site title and the tag line
  • Click on publish the changes

Here you are done changing your website’s titles. Choose the way you prefer. It is an easy job to do. Enjoy learning WordPress more and more!


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