How to Change your Password in WordPress Website?

How to Change your Password in WordPress Website

Do you want to change your Password in WordPress Website?

WordPress users can find the necessity to change their password on a website for various security reasons. Changing password time and again can enhance the security on the site. Password is the first line of defence against hacking attempts. A lot of users use weak password as it is easy to remember, but in the end, it can be the reason why your sites get hacked. The other thing is, the users end up providing their account password to team members, developers. You should never provide your password to any other person. 

If you have a weak password or have provided it to any other users and want to change it for the security or other reason, WordPress makes it easy and simple for you to do so. If you have lost Password in your WordPress site, then follow our tutorial guide to Recover a Lost Password in your site.

Change your Password in WordPress

In this tutorial, we will learn to change your Password in WordPress website. This tutorial is recommended to change the log in detail of your account in the site. Let’s Start:

This is the easiest way to change your password. 

  • Login to your WordPress website or click on Dashboard
  • Click on Users>>Profile from the WordPress menu. 

Scroll down to the account management section. There you can see the new password option. 

  • Click on Generate Password

WordPress will automatically create a strong password

You can either select the strong password the WordPress has created or create your own

  • Click the Update Profile button to save your changes. 

After this, you will see a Profile Updated notification in the top of the page. You also get a notification in your email box regarding it. 

In this way, you can easily change your password in WordPress website using the easiest method. It is the simplest method but you can also use other various methods.

Also, follow our tutorials to learn more about WordPress in a simple and fun way. Also, if you want us to write on any other topics then let us know through the comment section.


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