How to Properly Change Your WordPress Username

How to Properly Change Your WordPress Username

Do you want to change your WordPress username? A lot of users find the necessity to change their Username after being well known and well established. In Fact, they want a more favorable username that matches their brand and website. 

Naming an incredibly easy username might be a plus point for hackers to hack your account. Avoid using usernames like admin, admin1, user, root as they are too easy to guess. This might turn out to be a threat to your website. 

All it takes is a mistake to destroy the trust of your visitors and customers that you have built using a long period of time. So, have a secured username and prevent your website from all these issues. 

Sometimes you might decide to handover your admin account to another user. In that case the one who took the account needs to change the username and password to keep their site safe and secured. 

As a part of WordPress’s security concern, in this article, we will discuss an easy method to properly change the username in your WordPress website. 

Change Username by Using a Plugin

This method is really easy. All you need to do is install a plugin and you will be able to properly change your WordPress username. 

First of all, login to the Dashboard of your website. Then Install and Activate the Easy Username Updater plugin. 

Properly change your WordPress username.

If you have any confusion while installing and activating the plugin go through our article “How to Install a Plugin on your WordPress website?

Once you activate the plugin simply go to Users>>Username Updater option at the left sidebar of the page. 

After that click on the Update option of the particular username that you are willing to edit. 

Properly change the WordPress username.

Now fill up the New Username. Tick on the Send User Notification option if you want to send the user an email about their updated username. Finally, click on the Update Username option

Properly change your WordPress username.

Note: You can do this for as many accounts as you want. You can also come back and change the name again if you’d like.

Additionally, if you want to protect your Admin area in WordPress go through article Best Tips to Protect your Admin Area in WordPress


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