How to Check Grammar and Spelling Mistakes in WordPress?

How to Check Grammar and Spelling Mistakes in WordPress

Do you want to check grammar and spelling mistakes in WordPress? 

By default, the WordPress website’s post editor cannot check the spelling mistakes on its own. Due to this reason, WordPress Beginners find it difficult to write an article without any Grammar and Spelling errors. 

Some users prefer Microsoft but still, this tool might not be able to detect all of your mistakes. So, the best option is to find out the error using a suitable WordPress plugin. 

In this article, we will teach you to way to use Grammarly which will enable you to create articles without any mistakes. 

Benefits of Using Grammarly

Grammarly is basically a free writing app that makes your online writing correct, clear, and effective. This app makes sure that everything you type is not only correct but also easy to read.

Let’s go through the benefits of using Grammarly:

  • Cleaning up the message using Grammarly is a breeze.
  • Grammarly also offers an emoji search bar. You can get the emoji you want with ease among thousand of different options. 
  • This app also suggests synonyms of words you have typed. 
  • After the setup, Grammarly works well in any app of your mobile device and internet browser. 
  • It analyzes and edits the sentence structure. 
  • Makes sure that you use inclusive language that doesn’t offend your audience. 

Install the Grammarly Extension

First of all, you need to visit the official Grammarly website. Once you visit the page click on Add to Chrome It’s a free button. 

Next, you need to add your Email, Password, and Name to the given options. Once you are done click on the Sign-up button.  

After that, this app will ask you to select your level of writing skill. After that, choose your account plan. You can either choose a Free or Premium plan as per your requirement. 

If you choose the free option, your Grammarly account page will look exactly as shown in the screenshot below. 

After following all this step this app will work perfectly in all of your WordPress website posts and pages. 

Check Grammar and Spelling Mistakes in your WordPress Website

Grammarly App works perfectly on the Gutenberg block editor and Classic editor

All you need to do is open your post editor and start writing. Then Grammarly app will check if you have any spelling mistakes or grammar errors. 

If you have any Grammar or spelling mistakes the word will be highlighted in Red color. You need to accept the suggestion and swap the wrong word with the right word. Select the word written in Green color to accept the change. 

Also, if you don’t want to make the change as per Grammarly’s suggestion click on the Dismiss button. 

Additionally, if you want to know more suggestions click on the See more in Grammarly option. 

After checking and correcting all your typing errors you can Publish your blog, article, tutorial. 

Use Grammarly as Web Application

Grammarly app provides you with a simple option to type or upload your document. 

For that, you need to open the Grammarly app and Login with your details. After that, you will reach the Grammarly Dashboard.  

Click on the Upload/New option as shown in the screenshot below. 

You can make the changes as per the suggestion. Also, leave the option as it is if you don’t want to make the changes. 

The Red lines are suggested in order to correct it. Blue lines suggest you remove the phrase. 

Using this App wherever you need 

If you prefer to use Grammarly App in Microsoft Office or Windows or on your phone you simply need to Install and Activate it. 

We hope this article helped you to check grammar and spelling mistakes in WordPress. 

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