How to check your WordPress version?

How to Check your WordPress Version

With each and every new version of WordPress comes the new features, some more functions and more improvement in the efficiency. If a user is using WordPress for creating their website, it is somehow necessary to know the version of WordPress you use. 

Once the version is new, updating your website accordingly can be fruitful for the website users. However, you can very easily check your WordPress version as it is displayed in every page of the admin users panel. Although, to some new users it can be a little confusing. 

So, here we are with a tutorial!

  • Login to your WordPress website or Click on Dashboard.

On the right of the page, there appears the version your WordPress has along with the name of the theme you are using in your site. 

Here you can check the WordPress version of your site. 

Also, check our tutorial for understanding WordPress better and get solutions to the problems.


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