How to Choose the Best Educational Theme?


Do you want to learn the way to choose the best educational theme?

Today every field has been covered with technology. The same goes for education. E-learning has made our life easier in different ways. Now, it isn’t necessary to visit schools physically to obtain the knowledge. One can learn at home and be perfect as a student learning physically.

In addition to this, a learner who wants to study can get proper knowledge online. No doubt, the system is effective and provides support to the students as well. They can easily solve their problems, and confusion without any hesitation. And all the facility is only possible with a perfect website created with a perfect theme.

In this article, we have mentioned the important key features that you need to take care of when you choose the best education theme. 

Importance of Educational Theme

We all know a website without appearance is nothing. The theme adds life to your content and presents them beautifully to the visitors. Likewise, the educational theme does the same task. The only difference is it mainly focuses on making the website more informative and effective.

Many students and parents browse the educational website. Therefore, it must be effective for the learning purpose. There are different themes available in the market. Among them, you need to find the theme that is perfect for your website. No need to get panic, we are here to help you out.

Choosing the Best Educational Theme

Here is the important feature to look at while selecting the best educational theme:


The theme you select should have a clean, modern, and professional look. It should be able to draw the attention of the visitors with its simple design. This is an education website so make sure you do not over-design the website. Besides, the theme should have plain colors with decent fonds. 

Surely, the first thing that the visitor’s judge is the appearance of the site. Also, it should come with all the information and facilities users look in educational websites. Your web design should reflect your entire concept of the website. Therefore, make sure your theme has a different layout design for your website.

Responsive Look

Choose the best educational theme.
Choose the best educational theme.

After finalizing the layout, another important thing to consider is to check if the theme works well on all the devices. Definitely, people do not use the same device to browse the website. That is why a responsive look is compulsory in the theme. Your website should look great on all devices.

Moreover, mobile-friendly websites are more likely to get traffic. It also gets more priority from Google listing your website at the top of every search. Thus, this will ensure the site traffic to the website. Hence, make sure your theme is responsive in nature.

Many themes available in the market are already responsive in nature. Unfortunately, there are some themes that claim to be responsive but don’t function properly. Either you give it a test try or try to choose the best of all themes. 

Registration Form

Choose the best educational theme.
Choose the best educational theme.

A registration form is a must on an educational website. Indeed this will help you grow your user in no time. Registration form is beneficial in different ways for the website owner. Using the form, students who are keen to learn will get easy access to your website through the registration form. Moreover, this will help the students to get online college enrollment, and even helps those students who want to take your online classes. 

Easy enrollment and access to the website are more likely to gather quality traffic.  Likewise, this is also beneficial for the teachers. They can search a job application form and apply for open positions. But, do consider every feature is carried on with a single click. As this is the most beneficial feature, do not exclude this from your theme.

Compatible with Plugins

Choose the best educational theme.
Choose the best educational theme.

The theme alone can not create a perfect website. It should be compatible with different to achieve a perfect website appearance. Additionally, the main work of the plugin is to add extra features this is not present in WordPress by default. This makes the website more sophisticated and comfortable for the users. Every user looks for the facilities provided by the site before moving toward the content of the website. 

For instance, this educational theme needs to be compatible with the elementor page builder so that you can design pages beautifully without having knowledge about coding. Apart from this, the theme should be integrated with WooCommerce so that you can have a reliable eCommerce platform on your website.  

Therefore, make sure that your theme is compatible with different plugins so that it will not create any problems in the near future. 

Speed of Theme

Last but not the least, the speed of the theme matter a lot in the performance of the website. Generally, people detest waiting. Even if your website is highly informative but fails to load on time, people will switch to other websites at no time. Most importantly, in this vast competition of the market, you should be perfect from the rest of the other. Else you are more likely to lose the competition. 

You need to select a theme that has beautiful layouts but is lightweight. So that it attracts learners as well as loads fastly side by site. Speed of the theme is also important to maintain site traffic and ranking in the search engines. 

Wrapping Up

Lastly, we hope this article was helpful for you. You need to look at all the above-mentioned features in the theme before finalizing the theme for your website. Also, if enjoyed this article, go through our other article “How to Choose the Best Portfolio Themes?”.

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