How to Choose the Best WooCommerce Theme?


Do you want to find out the best WooCommerce theme in WordPress?

WordPress is well established for creating websites of any type. Each time we use WordPress, the limitation becomes boundless while creating a new website. From business to health care everything is covered with WordPress.

For a smooth run of the online business and to be able to establish a new one, we need a reliable eCommerce platform in WordPress. This is how WooCommerce was born. WooCommerce is an open-source, easily customizable eCommerce platform developed by WordPress. 

In this article, we will talk about the detailed step-by-step instructions to be followed before choosing the WooCommerce theme in WordPress.

Importance of WooCommerce Theme

WooCommerce is a free plugin that provides an eCommerce facility to users. The plugin is super easy to use and install. Within just a simple click this plugin is able to convert a simple website into an online shop. Additionally, the plugin is suitable for all business sizes.

From small businesses to large ones, this plugin plays a great role in setting up your online business and providing reliable and easy payment gateways. You can sell your products online as well as do marketing of them in a very effective and easy manner.  

WooCommerce helps you in various ways and is one of the must-have plugins while developing any type of website. Due to an increase in the competition of themes in the market, the selection of the correct theme has become tough. Undoubtedly, follow the steps mentioned below and find your dream theme for your website. 

Without delay, let us start:

Functionality of Theme

Choose the best WooCommerce theme

The common mistake made by people while choosing the theme is they focus only on the design of the theme. Definitely, the outlook of the theme is important, but what about the site that looks great but without any specialty? Our motive should be to create a perfect website having a beautiful look and certain functionality. 

Look for the functionality of the theme that can make your website really special, add lots of features and make it informative. Make sure you select a theme that is good-looking as well as functional at the same time. You can work with a theme like Goya, which is a modern WooCommerce theme helping you to fulfill your requirements and create your dream website. 

Responsive Nature

Another important feature to take care of is the responsive nature of the theme. The total success of the website relay on these two features. No doubt, different users use different devices to browse the website. Therefore, your website should look good on all devices. 

The maximum number of traffics is obtained from mobile users. So, make sure your site is mobile-friendly. On top of this, Google gives more priority to the mobile-friendly website. This is more likely to get more site traffic as well as maintain the ranking in the search engines.

While choosing the theme for your website, see if the theme is responsive in nature. Mostly the themes in the market claim themselves to be responsive in nature. But, we recommend you check before finalizing the theme. Additionally, you can give it a test try by reshaping the size of your window and see if the site is able to adjust the size according to the window’s size. 


Choose the best WooCommerce theme.

SEO is another feature that you can not ignore while determining the theme for your website. SEO plays an important role to gather site traffic like the responsive nature of the theme. No matter how good your site looks, your website is only able to get customers if only it has good SEO.

You need to pick SEO friendly theme for your website that helps to maintain the SEO of the site. You need to balance everything for a smooth functioning website and for this SEO is the leading one. Additionally, the SEO targets unpaid traffic instead of gathering direct or paid traffic from the search engine. 

Directly or indirectly, the main aim of SEO is to gather site traffic. Therefore, make sure you have an SEO-friendly theme for your website. 

Easy Customization

Choose the best WooCommerce theme.

Being a WooCommerce theme doesn’t mean you do not need to make any changes to the theme. Surely, you need to customize some features to achieve your dream website. Only a few themes are available in the market that is able to create a ready-to-go website without any changes.

What if you are not satisfied with the theme’s features and want to customize it to achieve your desired website. Your theme should be capable to let you twerk the options according to your wish. More or less, you need to make some changes before finalizing the website. 

Rating and Reviews

Do not underestimate the power of the rating and the reviews of the users. Generally, every theme comes with a specific page that reveals the feedback from its user. The main motive of the reviews is to make the user clear about the product.

Because this is from the users themselves, learning reviews will definitely help you to have a clear mindset about that specific theme. There is no chance that the reviews are fake because it is summery from the users who have already tested the theme. 

Moreover, you need to consider the rating as well. People rate themes according to their performance and specialty. So, whenever you choose a theme keep the ratings and reviews in mind. 

Wrapping Up

Lastly, we hope that the article was helpful for finding out the best WooCommerce theme in WordPress. You need to carefully follow our steps to meet your desired theme. Among the different features to focus upon, here is the list of special but important features that you can not exclude while choosing the theme.

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