How to Choose the Best Blog Theme for your Blog Website?


Do you want to find out the best blog theme for your blog website?

The selection of the theme for the new beginners can be tricky. But, this step is very necessary in order to build a perfect website. Even a small mistake caused while selecting the theme can lead to creating a website that is totally different from the main idea. The initial start-up of creating a blog website is started with the selection of the theme. 

Basically, the theme is used to design the overall appearance of the WordPress website as it consists of templates and stylesheets. The addition of the theme will easily create a new look for the website with codding and help of the designer. WordPress has tons of themes introduced every day. This even confuses the user to select the theme.   

Each specific theme is famous for its own specific feature and characters. It is impossible to try it individually and select the perfect one for your website. No need to worry about it, we are here to help you out. Continue reading this article to find out the steps to choose the best blog theme for blog websites. 

Let us start:

Importance of  Blog Theme 

There are different versions of themes available in the market like premium and free themes. You can easily get free versions of the free themes on whereas premium themes are available on We recommend you use the premium theme to develop a fascinating, professional blog website.

Definitely, the appearance of the website draws the attention of the user whether it is a personal or business blog. The theme not only just focuses on the overall look but also plays an important role in the marketing of the website. It makes the user understand the idea and purpose of the website so that the user builds interest and gets engaged in your website. 

Points to Consider While Choosing the Best Blog Theme 

Here are the different points you need to consider while choosing the blog theme for your website:

1. Decision making 

The first thing you need to do is decide what is your blog type, its objective, and its goal. After that, you need to decide the layout you want to create on the website. After deciding everything related to the site, now it’s your turn to start searching for the theme that consists of all the elements mentioned above.

 In addition to this, the step is really important as it is the backbone of the entire website. This step defines the shape of the site as well as helps the developer to figure out how the site will look after completion which ultimately removes all confusion related to the outlook of the site. 

Say you are creating a personal blog website, you will definitely look for the theme that showcases your posts front and center. That has various demos and pre-build home pages. Like the theme Malina.

Choose the best blog theme for your blog website.

2. Enlist the Features

Another, main important step is to enlist all the features you need for your blog website. Make sure, you only list the specific features, not the common features that usually all the theme comes with. These extra outstanding features make your blog different from the rest of the blog websites. 

For example, if you are trying to create a food blog website then you must select certain specific features that mainly focus on the content. Here, we will use the theme TinySalt that has specific features like:

  • Predesigned demos.
  • Management of the recipes
  • Instant search of the recipe index.
  • Focuses on advertising and promoting. 
Choose the best blog theme for your blog website.

However, you also need to consider some of the basic features in the WordPress theme such as:

Multiple options of layouts.

Adds social media icons.

Easily customizable.

Compatible with eCommerce.

3. Browser Compatibility

The theme must be compatible with different browsers. All the readers might not have the same browser. Every individual uses their own browser type to browse on the websites. Likewise, the website should also be compatible with all the different websites so that the user doesn’t feel difficulty accessing your website. 

Nevertheless, if the theme is not compatible with various browsers, it creates alot of problems on the site for the user. This reduces the site traffic on the website and ultimately reduces the rank of the site in search engines as well as affects the SEO of the site. 

4. Responsive Theme

Always look for a responsive theme. This step works not only for your blog but also for every type of website you build. Generally, the meaning of the responsive theme is that theme that has the ability to mold its shape according to the devices of the user to browser. For sure, all the users do not use the same device to browse, some use desktops, while some use mobiles.  

That’s the reason we need to select the responsive theme. This step can not be skipped as it is very important to maintain the ranking of the site. Apart from this, Google prefers responsive and mobile-friendly websites. So, this will help you to maintain the ranking of the site as well as increase site traffic. 

For more detailed knowledge visit our article “65+ Best Free Responsive WordPress Themes 2022“.

5. Give Priority to Simplicity.

WordPress is renowned for its customization features. There are lots of themes that contain many features, layouts, colors, etc which sometimes are more than necessary for a website. The one mistake user make while working with the theme is that they include every feature of the theme, makes it more colorful, add a layout that is more than needed. This will definately create a complex website. 

The user always wants to visit a simple but informative website. Also, the main purpose of web design is to make the information available on the website. There is no worth of web look if it fails to get your business and email subscribers and is ultimately not considered as a good theme.  

6. Supports Plugin

Choose the best blog theme for your blog website.

Another thing to keep in mind is to choose the theme that supports popular WordPress plugins. Like the WordPress theme, the plugins also have a great role in developing the website. If the theme doesn’t support the plugins like WPForms, OptionMonster, ALOSEO, etc then you need to look for the other option as this might create a big problem in the processing of the website. 

However, today most of the premium theme comes with associating with the plugins which can be really helpful for you. For instance, a theme like Soledad comes with an Elementor page builder plugin.  

Wrapping up

Lastly, we hope this tutorial was helpful for you to choose the best blog theme for your website. Please share with us your experience if you have followed our steps to find out the best blog theme. Moreover, if you found this article interesting then go through our other article “How to Choose the Best Theme for your Business Website?” for more detailed information about WordPress themes.

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