How to Choose the Best WordPress Hotel Theme for Your Website?


Are you looking for a way to choose the best WordPress hotel theme for your website?

You might be the owner of the hotel, or might be thinking to start a new one. One thing is for sure, you would love to make your hotel as famous as possible and smoothly run the business. For this, you must have a strong physical as well as an online presence.

Before creating a website it is a must to have the proper knowledge about the theme and the things to consider before selecting a theme. In this article, we will discuss the things to consider before choosing a WordPress hotel theme. 

Importance of WordPress Hotel Theme

WordPress provides endless possibilities to create a beautiful, and unique website representing new ideas. The theme is the one who looks after the appearance of the website. Firstly, customers will judge the appearance of your website before visiting them. No matter how beautiful your hotel is, customers will not visit your site unless it drags their attention.

Each day tons of new and improved versions of themes are published in the market. This creates even more difficulty in choosing the right theme for the website. And, selecting a theme for a website is not an easy task.  For the successful running of the website, you must have a good-looking and better-functioning website. Therefore, make sure you work with the perfect theme to achieve your goal. 

However, all the themes available in WordPress are specific to their own features. The feature available in one thing is not compulsory to match with the other ones. That is why you must consider some specific things before finalizing the theme. 

Things to Consider While Choosing WordPress Hotel Theme

Here are the things to consider before choosing the theme:

1. Easy Booking System

Hotel websites are such types of websites that should have proper hospitality services. The customer should not feel any sort of discomfort with the website. Else, they do not think before leaving your site and visiting other sites as there are other sites too providing better services. Firstly, you need to remember that customers visit websites to book their room. 

Providing an easy booking facility to the customer is like opening the door to them. This will ensure both the ranking of the site and customers to the hotel site. Therefore, you need to select such a theme that has a powerful booking system. That enables the guest to easily search, book as well as pay for the room. 

 You can use a theme like Sailing that has the easy management of hotel reservations. The WP hotel booking plugin of the theme will surely help you to create an easy booking system. Plus, it is highly optimized for SEO and creates responsive and mobile-friendly designs. There are around 8 pre-made demos available with translation-ready files. 

2. Attractive Design

Attractive design is another key factor that impacts your website. Also, it is the first thing that is judged by the customers. You need to create an attractive theme so that customers visit the website and enjoy the service. This is the factor that determines whether your visitor stays or leaves the site. Additionally, you need to represent your whole idea in a unique and attractive manner. 

However, while designing the website, make sure that the designs are relevant to the content. Don’t confuse the customers. Plus, it should easily convey information about your hotel. Your website should have a relevant and fascinating appearance. 

For example, you can work with a Bellevue theme that has 3 unique themes. Besides, creates property attributes such as Amenities, Image Gallery, Rates. It is a mobile-friendly theme having custom fields and advanced property search.

3. Compatible with WooCommerce

The first thing customers search after finalizing the hotel is for easy and reliable payment. You should provide a reliable and easy medium for payment. The theme you select should be compatible with WooCommerce so that it creates trust between you and your guests. 

 Another most significance of this feature is that it even does online marketing of your site. WooCommerce is the most popular open-source eCommerce plugin in the market. This satisfies your need for a reliable eCommerce platform for secure payment as well as a smooth ordering experience for the customer. Nowadays every theme is compatible with WooCommerce. 

4. Customization Options

Definitely, you should make certain changes to the theme in order to achieve your desirable website. You can not just use the theme as it is. Arguably, the theme comes with the most beautiful layouts but the question arises when it is not capable enough to represent your hotel.

Simple changes in default layouts can take the website to the next level. So, while choosing the theme choose such a theme that is very flexible and allows you to make changes according to your wish. This is an important step because your concept of creating a website is known better by you than the theme. So making changes help to present the actual concept of the hotel. 

5. Loading Speed

Do not underestimate the power of the speed in the case of the website. Generally, customers do not wait until your website loads. If it is not quick enough they leave your site and visit other ones. No matter how attractive your website is if it doesn’t load on time customers will not visit your site.

You need to select the theme with lightweight designs that are attractive and on the other hand load quickly. Doing this will maintain the site traffic as well as your ranking in the search engine. Remember this is a customer service website, you should create a favorable environment for the customers.

6. Responsiveness

Again, not all visitor uses the same device to browse the website. Responsive nature means being able to adjust the size of the layout on different screen sizes and devices. There are different devices available in the market. Nowadays smartphones are quite famous among people. Additionally, a significant amount of web traffic is from mobiles. 

This has both an effect on the site traffic as well as customer service. Say your website is not responsive then it creates problems for the customer accessing the website, this will lower your ranking as well as you will not get any online booking. Therefore, make sure you use a responsive theme. 

Wrapping up

The success of a hotel website relies on the better appearance and functions of the website. As well as it should provide a better user experience. Hence, if you follow the points mentioned above, you will definitely be able to create your own unique website. We have enlisted some of the important factors to find out the best hotel WordPress theme. If you enjoyed learning this article do visit ”How to Choose the Best Coffee Shop WordPress Theme?”.

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