How to Choose Wiki and Knowledge Base Themes for your Website?


Do you want to learn the way to find out the best wiki and knowledge base theme for your website?

Wiki is like a website or even we can call it online resources that can be edited by multiple users. Like Wikipedias, some of the wiki websites are publicly available while some are limited to organizations. The main significance of the wiki website is that it allows information-house, allowing the team member to share the knowledge and work together more accurately. 

The main motive of the wiki website is to easily provide information to the viewer. They are made up of multiple pages containing information about specific subjects or the representing scope of an identical project. In this article, we will discuss the steps to follow before choosing a wiki and knowledge base theme. 

Importance of Wiki and Knowledge Base Theme

Unlike other websites, the site has no work with heavy design layouts with excessive colors. The simpler the website, the better it works. You need to create an informative website so that the user doesn’t have to visit other websites to find the answer to their query. In this way, you can maintain the site traffic as well as save the ranking on the search engines. 

Wiki and knowledge themes are important in the sense that it creates the outlook of the website. And if the selection is wrong, the website shapes differently than the content of the site. The content is very necessary for the wiki websites. Therefore, you need to create a simple but informative website. 

Now, moving towards the actual discussion in choosing the best theme. Without further delay, let us start:

Feature to Look Before Choosing the Wiki and Knowledge Base Theme 

Here are the features to look at before selecting the themes:

1. Simplicity

As we have already mentioned above, the look of the site must be very simple. It is a content-type website, so obviously you need to have strong content. Don’t run after a heavily designed layout of the site. Make your site simple and informative.

Search for a theme that helps to create a simple but powerful website. Moreover, the theme should focus on the content than on the layouts. Say, you are creating a wiki website, then you can work with a theme like KnowHow. KnowHow is a premium WordPress theme that has a minimalistic design but focuses on representing the content of the article. 

2. Live Search

The wiki websites must have a live search option. Due to the live search options, the visitors can easily find the answer they are looking for. Surely, not everyone will learn your complete article one by one and look for the answers. This is because the users don’t have efficient time and search for a quick way to do so.

Additionally, the search feature must be convincing to the user. If the user is not convinced by the result they will leave the site and look for the other ones. Live search will allow the user to search and find information instantly. 

You can try a theme like Flatbase which is one of the best wiki and knowledge base themes available in the market. It has the ability to create live searches on the Homepage. The theme supports bbPress and works properly with 4.6+ versions of WordPress.  

3.  FAQs

Definitely, the main purpose of the users while visiting the site is to solve their query and they want the answers very quickly and very easily which is only possible through FAQs. Plus, the users get bored learning the complete article one after another and not being able to find the answers easily. 

Firstly, FAQ is frequently asked question. FAQs create an interesting scenario and list the answers to the questions creating a separate page. And even quickly solves the new questions. On top of this, the time of the developer is also saved. As he doesn’t have to answer each mail and focus on the different matters as well. 

4. Responsive Nature

Wiki websites are educational websites, they are useful to all the visitors irrespective of their age. That is why the website has to be responsive in nature. In this modern era, tons of different new websites are published which creates a lot of competition. Your website has to be better than the rest of them in order to overcome the competition. 

Responsiveness is the feature you can not exclude while selecting a theme. Most themes in the market state themself to be responsive, but it is better to test before finalizing the theme. Select the theme that is responsive and looks good on all the devices.  

5. Customization Options

Let us assume that you have a large and rapidly growing organization or website with learners across the world. In such a case, a wiki website with only a language will not be able to cater the visitors that speak different languages. 

Therefore, you need to customize the site according to the learners. It is not an easy job to customize the site making it suitable for different audiences. Thus, choose the theme that has proper tools for easy customization and translation features as well. So that, the website binds with the different people. 

Wrapping up:

Lastly, we hope the tutorial was beneficial for you. Please share your experience, if you have followed the above-mentioned steps to choose the wiki and knowledge base theme. If you enjoyed learning this post, do visit our article “How to Choose the Best Theme for your Blog Website?” for more information. 

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