How to Create a Child Page in your WordPress Website?

How to Create a Child Page in your WordPress Website

Do you want to create a child page in your WordPress Website?

Child Page, also known as the subpage is a page that lives in the hierarchy underneath another page(the main or parent). Having a child page in the site creates a relationship between the pages and forms a proper website structure. You can create a child page under the parent page in a WordPress site. 

The child page also allows you to create a sub of the main page which makes it clear and simple for the viewers in the site. A child page is created if the content of the child page is related to the main page. This way the whole related topics and contents can be covered in a single page.

Create Child Page in WordPress

Before creating a child page, it is necessary to have a parent page in a site. In this tutorial, we will learn to Create a Child Page in your WordPress website. Let’s Start:

  • Login to your WordPress website or click on Dashboard
  • Go to Pages>>Add New to create a new page or simply edit the existing page in the site. 

On the right side of the page, you can see Page Attributes box with Parent dropdown. 

  • Select the parent page of the newly created page. 
  • Publish or Update the changes. 

Now this page will be the child page of the selected Parent page Contact Us. You can repeat the same process to create as many child pages as you want. 

In order to view the child page, 

  • Click on Pages>>All Pages

You will see the child page listed under the parent page with the – prefix just like in the image above. 

In this way, you can have a child page on your WordPress website in the easiest way. Also, follow our tutorials to learn more about WordPress


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