How to Create a Contact Page in WordPress?

How to Create Contact Page in WordPress?

A contact page is one of the important basic elements for any WordPress website. It is the place where the contact details are stores to let the users get in touch for any type of enquiries. So, if you are a web owner and haven’t created a contact page yet, you are bound to lose lots of collaborators, potential leads, etc.

In this article, we will discuss how to create a contact page on your WordPress website. 

Here, we will use one of the most popular WordPress plugin – Contact Form 7 to show you how easily you can build a contact form and display it to your WordPress website.

So, let’s get started and create a contact page on your WordPress website:

Step 1:

Download and Install Contact Form 7 plugin from 

Contact Form 7

If you have any difficulties regarding the installation process, you can check out the article: How to Install a Plugin on your WordPress website

Step 2:

Upon activation of the plugin, you can “Contact” on the left menu of your WordPress dashboard.

Click on it to continue.

You will land to the contact form page, where all the contact forms you have created will be stored there.

Contact Form Page

In order to create a new contact form, click on “Add New”.

You will land to the settings page of the plugin that is required for creating the contact form. But before, we go to through the settings tab, give the name of your new contact form.

Contact Form: Settings Page

The plugin provides 4 different settings tabs. They are:


This settings tab lets you add different types of form elements on your contact form. You can edit the template of your form here and add various elements in it.

Contact Form: Form Template


Here, you can add the mail structure that you will receive for your contact form. You need to set the email address, subject, and message body structure.

Contact Form: Setup Mail


From here, you can edit the messages that will appear in various situations. You can edit any messages and set your own custom messages.

Contact Form: Messages

Additional Settings:

This settings tab accepts the customization code snippets to customize your contact form.

Contact Form: Additional Settings

After you are done, click on Save button to save your contact form.

A shortcode will be generated. Copy it.

Step 3:

Now go to Page >> Add New to create the contact us page. 

Contact Us Page

There paste the copied shortcode and preview it before making it live.

If everything is alright, click on the “Publish” button to make your contact page live.

Contact Us Form


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