How to Create an Image Gallery in WordPress?

How to Create an Image Gallery in WordPress

Do you want to create an image gallery in WordPress?

Image Gallery is used to display numbers of images in your posts and pages in proper format displaying in rows and columns.

Images are used in websites to make it look attractive and beautiful

When you add images manually in any posts or pages, it displays something like this on your website.

Quite boring to view. The other disadvantage is that it takes a lot of space and the visitors need to scroll a lot to view the images.

The same images, when you display in your post using an image gallery, it appears like this!

Do you see the difference?

Yes, the image galleries are used to make the images in your post look clean, attractive and appealing to the visitors.

Now that you know what image gallery does, let us learn to create an image gallery.

In today’s tutorial, we will learn two different ways to add an image gallery in WordPress

Creating an Image Gallery without using Plugin 

The WordPress website allows users to create Image Gallery directly without the use of a plugin. This makes beginners easy.

Let’s start:

Step 1:

  • Login to your WordPress website or Click on Dashboard.
  • Select the post or page where you want to create an image gallery and click in Edit.

Step 2:

  • Click on the Add Media button you usually do to add image manually.
  • On the left-hand side of the menu, you can see the option of Create Gallery, select it.
  • Select the images from the media library or upload the new images.
  • Choose all the images you want to appear in your gallery and click on create a new gallery on the bottom right-hand corner.

Step 3:

  • Before you insert the new gallery into the post or page,  there comes the option of editing.
  • You can drag and drop the images as per the order to display it.
  • Under the gallery settings, you have the option to
  1.  Choose the number of columns to display in your gallery
  2. Select the link to a preference
  3. Alter the size of your images
  4. Change the order of images
  • Once you are done with the editing of an Image gallery, Select the Insert Gallery option.
  • After this, you see a live preview of the gallery in the editor.
  • Update your post to make it live.

Here you are done with creating and editing the Image Gallery in WordPress. 

Creating Image Gallery using Plugin

Though we can create an Image Gallery without the use of a plugin,  it has limited features, setting and display option. 

The use of plugins allows us to create fully-responsive, beautiful and modern Image Gallery.  We have an amazing plugin Jetpack with appealing features that fascinates your gallery.

Install the plugin. Follow our tutorial on ‘How to Install a WordPress Plugin?

Jetpack offers tons and tons of features to add in the Image Gallery. Let us discuss some of the majors and ways to implement them in the gallery.

Image CDN

Image CDN usually known as Photon is a useful module. It provides image acceleration and editing service. Enabling Image CDN is also important if you want to display the images in the Tiled galleries. We will find out about it later in the tutorial. Coming back to Image CDN, its activation of Image CDN will automatically increase the load speed of your Image Gallery.

In order to do so,

  • Click on Jetpack>>Settings
  • Under the Writing tab, scroll down to the page until you reach the Media.
  • Turn On the button next to Speed up images and photos.

Tiled Galleries

This module is used to display the image gallery in different styles and also in the sidebars. It has three different layouts:

  •  Square mosaic
  • Rectangular mosaic
  • Circular grid

In order to enable this feature, 

  • Activate the Image CDN(just like mentioned above)
  • Reopen the Edit Gallery page from the WordPress Library. 

There you will see an extra option added to the Gallery Settings Menu. 

  • From there, select the option of Tiled Gallery

You will see the preview of the font like this:

By this way, with the use of plugins, you can create more beautiful Image Gallery. 

Wrapping Up:

I have mentioned two different ways to create an Image Gallery in WordPress. Not only Jetpack plugin but there are numbers of plugins that help you create the best WordPress plugins. Jetpack is a free WordPress plugin useful for beginners. But, if you want to go with premium, there are some of the well-known plugins such as NextGEN gallery, Enira Gallery and many more.

Be sure to follow our tutorial to learn and understand WordPress better!!


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