How to create your first WordPress post?

How to create your first WordPress post? 

After you have installed WordPress and added a beautiful template for your website, it’s time to create your first WordPress post.

Posts are the inbuilt post type available on WordPress for publishing articles/blogs. They are directly associated with the date and time of publishing and are displayed in reverse chronological order on the website.

In this tutorial, we will discuss how to add a new WordPress post. We will cover both the process i.e. by using Gutenberg Editor and Classic Editor.

So, let’s get started and create your first WordPress post:

Adding Post on WordPress Using Gutenberg Editor

To carry out this process, you need WordPress version of at least 5.0 or above.

Step 1:

Go to WordPress dashboard. Click Posts > Add New.

Step 2:

You will land to the page as shown in the screenshot below.

Give the title for your new post. Then, click on “Add Block” icon to start adding the content blocks.

You can add blocks for paragraphs, shortcodes, images, headings, gallery, list, quote, audio, cover and many more.

If you prefer classic editor to add the contents on your blog then you can add the classic editor block from Add Block > Formatting > Classic.

The classic editor like the one in the screenshot below will be added.

Step 3:

After you have completed adding the required contents, go to the right side of the screen where different options for the post are available. The options include:

Status & Visibility:

You can set the visibility of the post and schedule the date and time to publish it.

Besides, you can also stick the blog to the top, enable the review pending or move it to the trash.


You can categorize your blog post.


You can add the relevant tags.

Feature Image:

You can set a suitable feature image for the post.


You can write an excerpt text for the blog.


You can allow comments, Pingback and Trackback to your blog.

Step 4:

After completing the configuration, you can check the structure of the contents and the block navigation for your blog from the top bar on the page.

If you everything is fine click on “Publish” button to make your blog live.

Adding Post on WordPress Using Classic Editor

If you haven’t updated your WordPress to version 5.0 then, add new post page will look the one below on the screenshot:

Here, you need to give the title to the blog post on the top column and add the contents on the lower column.

After you have added the contents, set the category, add tags, and enter the feature image your post.

Then, click on “Publish” button to make the post live on your site.


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