How to Deactivate a WordPress Plugin?

How to Deactivate WordPress Plugin

Plugins are regarded as one of the inseparable parts of WordPress. But, not every plugin work flawlessly. As a result, it may lead to having no access with the Admin Panel of your WordPress Website. In this case, you need to deactivate the WordPress Plugin to keep your site safe.

Due to the Developers unconsciousness, while coding a plugin the site becomes unstable and unable to perform function correctly. Due to this reason, Experts don’t suggest to install plugins directly in WordPress

If you have ever faced the white screen in that case, you exactly know what we are trying to explain. To prevent your site from facing these problems while logging, go through the below-mentioned step by step guide.

Method I: Plugin Deactivation via WordPress dashboard

Method II: Deactivate all plugin using phpMyAdmin

Method I: Plugin Deactivation via WordPress dashboard

This method is generally applicable when users are able to login to their Dashboard. This method is the simplest and easiest way to deactivate a WordPress plugin. 

Step 1: Log in to the Dashboard and Click on Plugins option

  • First of all, you need to login to the Dashboard of your website. Click on the Plugins button at the left side of your page. Then, click on the button Installed Plugins.  

Step 2: Deactivate the WordPress Plugin

  • Now you can clearly see all the Installed WordPress plugin of your website. Simply click on the button Deactivate to keep your plugins in the website without any kind of use. 
  • Deactivate option is considered better than the Delete option. Activating the plugin and using it anytime is possible when it is only deactivated. 

Method II: Deactivate all plugin using phpMyAdmin

Disabling plugins from the database can be really easy. See the databases that you can have access with once you are connected. This method is applicable when direct access to your WordPress website Admin Panel is not possible. 

Step I: Select the Database that corresponds

  • Open phpMyAdmin in a new browser window. Now, select your WordPress database that corresponds to the website. Then Click on the wp_options button from the table at the left bar of the page.

Step 2: Search for the active plugin options

  • Now just simply search for the active plugins of your WordPress website. This option enables to give a clue.

Step 3: Edit the option_value

  • After getting it you just need to add ‘a:0:{}‘ and click on the go button to save all your made changes. 

That’s all about two methods. You can use any favourable method and successfully deactivate all of your WordPress Plugins. We hope this article was useful. 

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