How to Safely Disable Automatic Updates in WordPress

How to Safely Disable Automatic Updates in WordPress

WordPress updates your website automatically which causes a slight chance that your website might break down anytime. Due to this reason even if automatic update provide security benefits, a lot of WordPress users try to safely disable automatic update in WordPress. 

Automatic updates sometimes include updates of themes and plugins that are used in your website. Actually updates can only be good when you know about them. Otherwise, the changes made on your website can create more confusion which may lead to a lack of proper management. 

So, it’s better to disable automatic updates as disabling updates are all about your own control on your website. Basically there are four types of automatic background updates available, they are: 

  1. Core Updates
  2. Plugin Updates
  3. Theme Updates
  4. Translation File Updates

Disable Automatic Updates in WordPress

There are different ways to disable Automatic Updates in WordPress. Using code and all might be difficult and confusing to the WordPress Beginners. To make it easy let’s do it by using a WordPress Plugin. 

We would suggest you use Easy Updates Manager WordPress Plugin. This plugin will allow you to manage all kinds of updates in your single site or multisite. Easy Updates Manager is an obvious choice for anyone wanting to take control of their website updates. 

First of all, you need to login to the Dashboard of your website. Then click on the button Plugins>>Add Ne

Then Search for Easy Updates Manager WordPress Plugin. Now install and activate the plugin. 

Disable Automatic Updates in WordPress.

If you have any confusion while installing the plugin then go through our article to Install a WordPress plugin on your website.

Similarly, after activating the plugin you can see the Configure option just beside the Deactivate button. Click on the Configure button.

Now click on Update Options to make all the necessary changes in your Settings. 

Disable Automatic Updates in WordPress.

Most of the users choose to Disable all the options. But, we would suggest you not to do it as you won’t be able to receive any notifications if you choose that particular option.

Meanwhile, we would suggest you to Disable automatic updates of Plugins and Themes. Besides leaving automatic updates option in Core and Translation updates is a suitable option. 

Disable Automatic Updates in WordPress.

Be careful to check out the updates available in your Theme and Plugins as you won’t get any notifications.

This plugin keeps the log of what’s updated. If anything breaks down in your website click on Logs option at almost the top of your page. 

Disable Automatic Updates in WordPress.

This is it! We hope you found it easy to disable Automatic Update in WordPress after looking at this tutorial. 

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