How to Disable New User Notifications in WordPress?


Do you want to learn to disable new user notifications in WordPress?

WordPress allows the user to register on your site if you have enabled user registration. Doing so, you keep on receiving new user emails who want to register on your site time and again. Moreover, important emails can be missed due to the crowd of new users’ emails.  

User registration has negative as well as positive sides. It is necessary for online stores, multi-author blogs, etc. But, a lot of user notifications make it difficult to trace out important mail for the site and it is not an easy task to manage tons of mails per day.

In this part, we have mentioned an easy way to disable new user notifications in WordPress. Here, are the steps by steps instructions to guide you to disable new user notifications in WordPress:

Disable New User Notifications Using Plugins

Notification E-mails plugin is a free plugin that solves the problem without creating any disturbance. This is generally used to switch WordPress notifications on and off. It not only lets you disable emails but also allows you to disable password change.

 Follow the steps mentioned below to disable notification via this plugin.

  • Login to your WordPress admin site. 
  • Navigate to Plugins >> Add New
  • Search for Notification E-mails plugin, install and activate it.
Disable new user notification in WordPress.
  • You will see a new option in setting “Notification e-mails” which allows you to control a slew of WordPress email options. 
Disable new user notification in WordPress.
  • All you need to do is unselect the option “New user notification to admin” which ultimately disables the new user notification.
Disable new user notification in WordPress.
  • Don’t forget to click on the Save changes button. 

This is how we solve the problem using Notification E-mails plugins. You might get various other options to disable new user notifications but this is the easiest and quick method. Lastly, I hope this article solved your problem and help you out.  

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