How to Disable the Screen Options Button in WordPress?

How to Disable Screen Options in WordPress

Do you want to Disable the Screen Options Button in WordPress?

Screen Options Button is located on the top right corner of all the pages in the WordPress admin area. It can be used by the logged-in user to show and hide a various section of the WordPress admin area.

In many cases, the user might want to disable the screen options button as it is too distracting. Disabling it makes the format of the site clean and easy to use. The site becomes more secure as it disables from taking a wrong decision at a time.

In this tutorial, we will learn to Disable the Screen Options Button in WordPress. We can do it either by using a plugin or manually. We will briefly discuss both methods. 

So, Let’s start. 

Disable Screen Options Button using Plugin

In order to do it through the plugin, you firstly need to Install and Activate the Plugin Adminimize. To install the plugin, follow our tutorial guide on ‘How to Install New Plugin on WordPress website?’

After you have installed and activated the plugin, 

  • Click on Settings>>Adminimize

Here, you can view the mini menu on the screen. 

  • Click on the Global options link 

On doing so, you will head to a different section tab. 

  • Click on the Global option once again to expand it. 
  • You can see the option to deactivate Screen Options. Either disable it for all users or the selected user roles. 
  • Update the options. 

You have successfully disabled the Screen Options Button in your WordPress site using the plugin. 

Disable Screen Options Button Manually

In order to do it manually, you need to add code in your WordPress files. It is a pre-written code that you just need to copy and paste in your function.php file or a site-specific plugin.

Add the code given below:

function remove_screen_options(){

    return false;


add_filter(‘screen_options_show_screen’, ‘remove_screen_options’);

This will remove Screen Options completely from your website. 

Easy, Simple and Quick 

Also, follow our tutorial guide to learn more about WordPress. 


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