How to Edit WordPress Source Code Files?

How to Edit WordPress Source Code Files

Do you want to Edit WordPress Source Code Files?

WordPress runs one-third of the website on the World Wide Web and is one of the easiest platforms to create a website. The main reason is that one doesn’t need to have coding knowledge to start a website in WordPress. 

In order to get control over how your WordPress website looks and functions, you can edit your WordPress code to customize. Whatever the reason, there are times when you need to go one step further and tweak things: that’s the time you need to edit WordPress code for the betterment of the site. 

Here, In this tutorial, we will learn to Eidt WordPress Source Code Files. Let’s Start:

HTML Editing

Editing source code files in your WordPress website can be easily done with HTML editing. This is an easy and straight forward way. It is even quite simple. For example, if you want to edit posts of your site, accessing to HTML can be done in a simple way by switching from Visual editor to Text editor just as shown in the image below. Add HTML codes to make the requires changes simply and easily. 

In the case, you want to edit the HTML of your homepage, it can be done simply done from the Appearance tab in the Dashboard. 

  • Select Appearance>>Widgets
  • Click on Manage with Live Preview

Here start adding HTML code and make the required edits in your site. With Manage Live Preview, you can see the changes the code is adding in your site in real-time. 

PHP and CSS Editing

Not only HTML but, you can also edit the source code files of your website accessing to the PHP and CSS. In order to do so, 

  • Click on Appearance>>Theme Editor or you can even do it by using an FTP client. 
  • Easily access different theme files installed from the editor. 
  • Navigate the file you need to edit
  • After all the changes are made to your WordPress source code files, Click on ‘Update File

The changes are live in your site now. 

These were the two easy ways to edit WordPress Source Code Files on your website. There are many other methods which are considered appropriate to make changes in your site. However, making it easy and convenient, here I have mentioned two of them. 

Also, check our tutorials to learn more about WordPress. 


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