How to Enable Comments on your WordPress Page/Post?

How to Enable Comments on WordPress Page Post

Comments play an important role in the page/post of your WordPress website. When people visit your website’s post/page, they use the comment section for various purposes. It can be used to thank for the page or post or to provide some suggestions, or to add things up that’s missing or provide the feedback, or to ask questions they are unclear about or for many other reasons. 

Hence, it is necessary for you to Enable Comments on your WordPress Page/Post. Still unclear?

Let me explain to you the reason why it is necessary to enable comments:

  • Firstly, the comments help the visitors connect to the website users. 
  • Users are engaged to your site. For example, they might revisit your site for the comment reply.
  • If your post/page has quality comments, it helps to build social proofs
  • The visitors can share their ideas, views, thought regarding the page/post. 

Here were some of the reasons. If you are clear about enabling comments then let’s proceed further on how to do it. 

Let us do it simply with a few changes in the Dashboard without the use of plugin and coding. 

  • Login to your WordPress Website or Click on Dashboard

To enable comment of post

  • Click on Settings>>Discussion
  • In the default article setting, click on the option Allow people to post comments on new articles. 
  • Scroll down to the pages and click on Save Changes.

You are done enabling comment on WordPress post. 

To enable comment of Page

  • Click on Pages>>All Pages
  • Choose Bulk Actions>>Edit
  • Select all the pages and Scroll down to the page and click on Apply

Here there appears the option of edit to the whole page of your website. By default, there is no change. 

  • Click on the Option Allow Comments
  • Update the Changes

Here you are even done to allow comment on WordPress Page. 

I had briefly explained you some of the reasons to Enable Comments on your WordPress Page/Post along with the process to do. Go, make a quick change and allow visitors to comment on your site. 

I hope this tutorial was helpful for you to enable comment on your site. Also, if you want to learn to save your WordPress post as a draft then follow our tutorial here


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