How to Enable Two Factor Authentication in your WordPress Website?

How to Enable Two Factor Authentication in your WordPress Website

In this tutorial, we will learn to Enable Two Factor Authentication in WordPress Website

But, before that let us know what it is and how we can enable it in the WordPress site. 

What is Two Factor Authentication in WordPress? 

Two-Factor Authentication also known as 2-Step Verification is an extra layer of security. It is a great way to add security and has been used by many of the websites. This secures your site against password theft, phishing and even the brute-force attacks.

It implements in a way that it makes it impossible for any users to access to the admin panel of your site without a unique code. So, even if a user is able to guess the password, they’d still need another piece of information sent to their mobile device. 

In the case, your site gets attacked by hackers or if there’s a suspicious login on your site, you can use it. 

Enable Two Factor Authentication in WordPress Website

One of the easiest ways to enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is to use a plugin. The plugin Google Authenticator – WordPress Two Factor Authentication (2FA, MFA) is the best to enable it.

As a first step, you need to install and activate the plugin on your site. Follow our tutorial guide on ‘How to Install a new Plugin in Website?’

After the plugin is activated,

  • Go to miniOrange 2 – Factor>> Two Factor
  • Choose your Two Factor Authentication method among the give ones.  

In this tutorial, I will Enable the OTP Over SMS and OTP Over Email as the authentication factor. You can simply select the one that is best for your site. 

  • Click on the configure button. 

Once you configure, you will be asked to create an account to configure the miniOrange 2-Factor plugin. 

  • Provide your Email address and Password
  • Confirm the password by retyping it.
  • Click on Create Account Button. 

Note: If you have already created an account, then you can simply log in. Also, all the user’s roles verified to do the Two Factor Authentication needs to have an account. 

After you create your account, you need to Configure OTP Over SMS.

  • Provide your Phone number and click on Verify

You will receive the code in your mobile phone.

  • Enter OTP and click on Validate OTP

Once you OTP is validated, you will get the 2FA Setup Successful notification

  • Click on Next button to select the second-factor authentication. 

Select your second option. Here, as I previously mentioned, chose OPT Over Email.

  • Click on Configure.
  • Provide the Email Address and click on the Save button

You will receive the One Time Passcode on your Email address.

  • Enter OTP passcode and click on the Configure button. 

Here, you have successfully enabled Two Factor Authentication on your site. Now, when you log in to the admin panel of the site, you need to enter the OTP every time. 

Select Roles to Enable 2-Factor for Users

As the last thing, you need to select the roles to whom you would like to enable the Two Factor Authentication. The roles you choose will have to complete the authentication before logging on the admin panel. 

To select the roles, 

  • Select the Settings 
  • Select the roles of the users from the for users role section. 
  • Click on the Save Settings button.  

The Users whose roles you select will need to compulsory do the 2-factor authentication. This will keep your site safe and secure. This is the end of enabling Two Factor Authentication in the website. Enable it in your site following our guide today!

Also, follow our tutorials to learn more about WordPress!


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