How to Fix Image Upload Issue in WordPress?

How to Fix a Image Upload Issue in WordPress

When you upload some image in WordPress, broken images start to appear in the media library. To fix the image upload issue is one of the impatient tasks as it has different causes and solutions. 

Usually, the images upload issue occurs when you make certain changes to your site. In that case, you need to make some effort to find out the main issue and resolve it. 

In many cases when your upload directory doesn’t have right file permission, WordPress won’t enable to store your files. So, be sure to set correct files permission for your upload directory. 

Fix Image Upload Issue in WordPress

Sometimes Image Upload Issues appear while uploading just a single image. In that case, you need to do the things mentioned below: 

  • Rename your Saved Image
  • Check out your image size
  • If the image size is too large try to decrease it. 

There are a number of different ways to resolve the fix image upload issue. So, let’s look at some of the ways to troubleshoot and fix error to upload images in WordPress:

1. Deactivate All your Plugins

Fix Image Upload Issue in WordPress.

Plugins are one of the most important parts of WordPress. So we keep on Installing a lot of plugins as per our necessity. 

But, while installing a lot of plugins your site might have reached its memory limit. This will eventually cause problems to fix image upload issue. In this case, you need to Deactivate all the unnecessary WordPress Plugin. 

You need to check and uninstall an image optimization plugin if it’s not working in your site. You can also install an Image Optimization plugin that fits well for your WordPress website. 

If you have any confusion while deactivating a WordPress plugin, you can go through our article

2. Change your PHP Version

Fix Image Upload Issue in WordPress.

You might have updated your WordPress themes and plugins as per the release of every new version. In the same way, PHP has updates and you need to update it time and again. WordPress requires PHP version 7.3 or greater as of April 2020. 

Sometimes due to the un-updated PHP version, you might be unable to fix image upload issue. So, by updating to the latest version you can fix your image upload issue. Be sure to update your site before beginning the process. All you need to do is to select a different PHP version in PHP config and save all of your changes. 

3. Increase Site’s Memory Limit

A WordPress website consists of different blogs, files, images, themes and plugins. At some point, it reaches its limit. This case generally occurs when your site is running on a shared server of hosting. 

In order to increase your site’s memory limit, you need to access your site with the FTP server. You also need to add all the required codes, edit the files and remove some of them if it’s unnecessary. 

Remember that if you are sharing a hosting server, you need to request your host to make all required changes. 

4. Use the Browser Uploader

If certain things don’t work out, you may use the browser uploader to fix image upload issue in WordPress. Let’s go through the detailed steps:

  • First of all Log in to the Dashboard of your website. 
  • Then, click on Media>>Add New option. 
  • Finally, click on the browser uploader and see if uploading images this way fixes your problem or not. 
Fix Image Upload Issue in WordPress.

5. Optimize your Image Size

When the pixel size is too large it may create some difficulties while uploading images. An image with 4000×3000 pixels is obvious to hit your sites limit quicker than an image with 1200×750 pixels. 

Remember that you should try not to insert any image that’s wider than your content width. Let’s go through some detailed steps to find out your content width:

  • First of all, you need to open one of the Blogs of your website. Then, click on the right side of your mouse at any part of the page
  • There you can see the Inspect element, click on that. 
  • Open the code carefully and look for the “content”. If you are having difficulty while finding it than press Control F and type content. 
Fix Image Upload Issue in WordPress.
  • Then, on the left side of the page, you can see the width of your content area. 
Fix Image Upload Issue in WordPress.

Fixing the image upload issue is a bit difficult to find out and solve. But, after finding the problem it is quite easy to be solved. If all of the above-mentioned ways don’t work out on your site, I would suggest you contact your host and find out the way. 

Additionally, if you are having any confusion while allowing users to submit a post to your WordPress site. Then you can go through our article to find out the easiest and quickest way.


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