How to Create a Custom WordPress Menu?

How to Create a Custom WordPress Menu

Think that WordPress is too hard to learn? Not really, tutorials and blogs related to WordPress help you to understand it better. WordPress site is created after you choose the theme and make a few changes in the admin panel. 

Same is the case with creating a custom WordPress menu, just a few steps and you are likely to create one. 

A custom menu can also contain links to the important contents of your website or social media network. It helps your audience to direct toward the targetted destination.

So, let’s get started and create a custom menu in your site:

Creating a custom WordPress menu

  • Log In to your WordPress website or Click on the Dashboard
  • Click on Appearance>>Menus
How to Create a Custom WordPress Menu
  • Click on Create a new Menu. Then, give the name for your new menu and click on “Create Menu”. 
How to Create a Custom WordPress Menu

After you create a menu, on the left side of the bar, you can see pages, posts, custom links and categories that you can add in the menu.

For this:

  • Choose the option from the page by simply clicking on the Page and View all 
How to Create a Custom WordPress Menu
  • Choose the page that you need to add in the menu and click on Add to Menu

Do the same with the posts and categories. 

Another important thing to consider is the order by which these items appears in your menu.

You can see that all the items you have chosen to add on your menu from pages, posts and categories appear on your screen. All you need to do is to maintain the order of these items on the menu.

  • Drag and drop the items as shown in the image (remember that the item you keep in the first appears as the first item in your menu too). 
How to Create a Custom WordPress Menu

You can also create a sub-item by simply drag and drop option by keeping it below the main item.

How to Create a Custom WordPress Menu

If you think that there are unnecessary items going to be added in your menu, simply remove it by,

  • Clicking on the item
  • Selecting the remove option

How to Create a Custom WordPress Menu

After choosing the order and removing unnecessary items if any, scroll down to the page at the option of Menu Settings.

  • Choose the option if you want it to appear as a primary menu, footer menu and other options.
  • Once done, simply click on the Save Menu
How to Create a Custom WordPress Menu

Here, you create a custom WordPress menu on your site. But it isn’t finished yet. After creating a menu, it is necessary to choose your menu location. 

Choosing a custom WordPress menu location

Locating the custom WordPress menu depends upon the type of theme you use on your site. With the types of themes, comes the various options to locate your menu. To choose a location for your custom WordPress menu,

  • Click on the option of Manage Locations exactly on the side of Edit Menus as shown above.
How to Create a Custom WordPress Menu
  • Select the number of menus you want to use.

If you have been thinking of adding menus more than two, make sure you visit the theme’s settings.

  • Click on Save Changes to save your menu. 

Check your site and you have your custom WordPress menu displayed on the location you choose.


Adding a Social Menu

Creating a social menu is also very simple. These menus have social media links connected to social accounts that help the visitors visit your site’s social media accounts.

  • Give a name to your Menu 
  • Click on the option of custom link
  • Copy/Paste or type the URL you want to attach to the menu.
  • Provide the link text 
  • Click on Add to Menu
  • Select the option of Social Links Menu in Menu Settings 
  • Click on Save Menu 
How to Create a Custom WordPress Menu

Alternatively, you can use WordPress circular menu, flyout menu, etc to create stylish custom menus.

Creating a custom WordPress menu is easy but it might be quite confusing. Doing it step by step makes the website users more clear. 


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