How to Properly Change/Rename Categories in WordPress Website?

How to Properly Change/Rename Categories in WordPress Website

Do you want to Properly Change/Rename Categories in WordPress Website?

In the WordPress website, category groups individual webpages together based on the similar subject/theme. It is one of the default taxonomies in WordPress that can be used to sort and group the posts in a different section. In simple words, categories are one of the most methods of grouping content. 

If you want to know more about categories and learn to create it on your site follow our tutorial guide on ‘How to Add Categories and Subcategories in WordPress Site?

Categories make it easier for the reader/viewer to find the necessary content. As your website grows, you might want to change the name of your category or merge theme with other categories. 

In this tutorial, we will learn to Properly Change/Rename WordPress Categories without affecting the SEO of a site. Let’s Start:

Change/Rename WordPress Categories

  • Login to your WordPress website or Click on Dashboard
  • Select Posts>>Categories

On this page of the site, you can manage, edit and delete unnecessary categories. This is the Quick Edit method that you can use to change the category name and its slug. 

  • Select the Category and choose edit option. 
  • Change the Category name and slug.
  • Add a description of the category if it is necessary. 
  • Update the changes. 

You can also select the parent category if you want to merge the category or list it as a sub-category. 

WordPress also allows its users to change the ‘category’ prefix in the category URLs. This is also knows as a category base. 

  • Select Settings>>Permalinks
  • Scroll down to optional 

Here you will see a form to change category and tag base. For example, you can change to

The correct use of keywords in your category boost the SEO and your site can increase its ranking. It also allows visitors to easily navigate into the content they are looking for. 

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