How to Schedule Your WordPress Post?

How to Schedule Your WordPress Post

In order to make your website run in a smooth way, you need to publish blogs and articles. 

The website that doesn’t publish many articles in the long period can’t get recognition as it doesn’t satisfy the need of the visitors or so.

In case if it is a blogging site, publishing content on a regular basis can be a must. But every time, you wish to publish your contents, there might arise various problems. Hence, learning how to schedule your WordPress post to go live on a specific date/time in the future is necessary. 

The problems usually arise when you have the heavier work pressure or the slow loading of the site or the problems in your sites. It makes your content publish later than at the exact time it should be. If you are running your website on WordPress, you have an option to schedule your post.

It is a very useful way for your site because once you schedule your content, it will get published at the right time you want. Let us enjoy the benefits right ahead and learn to schedule a WordPress post. 

  • Click on the post you would like to schedule.

On the right top, there appears the option of Publish your WordPress post as shown below:

  • Click on the option of Immediately

Once you click on it, there appears the date, time, year.

  • Click the specific date/time you would like your content to get published.
  • Once done, click on the option of the Schedule.

Your post will get published on the date/time you have selected. In this way, without any worries, you can easily schedule your WordPress post to go live on a specific date/time in the future

Enjoy using WordPress!

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