How to Easily Import and Export WordPress Users?

How to Easily Import and Export WordPress Users

Do you want to import and export your WordPress users? Almost every website owner wants to keep a record of their website users who sign up on their website. As many website owners might have multiple websites so it’s more convenient for them if they can import and export the WordPress users to whichever website they want. 

You can merge two websites and drive large traffic to your website. The best part is that WordPress includes the built-in import and export function that can handle the data. Due to this feature, you can allow the viewers to view the content of one website on another website within a few clicks. 

Importing and Exporting WordPress users can also be useful when you need to create an offline database of your subscribers, visitors, customers, business partners and much more. 

When your know about your customer’s detail, next you can try to improve relationships with them in any possible way.

Important Note

Sometimes you might only have the permission to use the customer’s data in the existing website. So, be careful when you export your WordPress users to multiple accounts. Try to export only those users who have granted their permission to do it. Be sure that your process doesn’t violate any law.

Easily Import and Export WordPress Users

First of all Login to the Dashboard of your WordPress website. Then Install and Activate Import and Export Users and Customers plugin. 

If you are a WordPress Beginner you might now know the way to Install a WordPress plugin. In that case, go through our article “How to Install a Plugin on your WordPress website?

Easily import and export WordPress user.

When you are done activating the plugin go to Tools >> Import and export users and customers option at the left sidebar of your page. 

After that click on the Export tab at the top of the page. 

Now firstly choose the Users Role. Then select the time in the User created option. You can simply leave other settings as thy are. Then choose the Datetime format. Finally, click on the Download button. 

Easily import and export WordPress users.

Note: You can open the information in a spreadsheet-like Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheet.   

Importing Process

Import and Export Users and Customers WordPress plugin enable you to import the users to the same as well as different websites. In order to begin the process click on the Import tab next to the Export tab. 

Now click on Choose File option in order to select the CSV file that you have downloaded before. 

Change the whole Setting of the plugin as per your requirement. 

Finally, click on Start Importing button after you make all the changes. 

Easily import and export WordPress users.

Now you can see a list of all the users that are imported to your website. 

Easily import and export WordPress users.

In order to see all the imported users frequently go to the page Users >> All Users

Process of Emailing Imported Users

In order to Email, all the imported users firstly click on the Mail options tab at the top of the page. 

When you move the users account you need to let them know about the changes with your own personal message.  

Easily import and export WordPress users.

This plugin sends the Login detail to the users in their email by default. So, you can add your own text message telling the whole detail to the users. 

We hope this article helped you to import and export WordPress users. 

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