How to Insert a Media in your WordPress post?

How to Insert a Media on your WordPress Website

Think of yourself, reading a tutorial that contains the huge paragraph of texts and only texts. You would rather find it boring to read it right?  Media such as images, audio, videos, and other files in articles make the post simply fun and appealing to read. It is also the source of guide that explains what your context means by describing an explained figure. 

Let us take an example related to WordPress, why? Because we are WordPress users!

Imagine if you are taking the help of guide tutorial to make certain changes in your site, but the blog doesn’t have attributes to images. It is hardly difficult to understand what to do only through the texts. But the use of image and even the video makes it clear to you. 

Here you know the importance and use of media, so let us head towards learning How to insert a media in your WordPress post?

  • Click on the Post where you would like to add the media.

Click Enter and there appears the option of Add Block

  • Choose the media you would like to add

In the top the most used one appears, scroll down to see what media you want to add.

In the case, you choose the Image (as the image is the most used and prefered media in any blogs or contents)

  • Click on the option of Image

There appears the option if you would like to Upload the image or choose from the media library or use the link of the image to make it appear in your site. 

  • Upload: To choose the images from your Computer library
  • Media Library: The images that you have previously uploaded in your site 
  • URL: The image you would like to appear from the link.

Choose the image from the Uploads and Click on Open. It appears on your post. 

In the case of the media library, it has the collection of all the previously added pictures on the web. You can use the reuse the image from media. URL link presents the picture.

Here you Insert a Media in your WordPress post. The media such as videos, audios can be done in the same way. 

Think WordPress is hard? Not that much.

If you are wanting to select the default language of your WordPress website then follow our tutorial guide here.


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