How to Install a WordPress Child Theme?

How to Install a WordPress Child Theme

Before getting started with the process to install a WordPress child theme, let’s know “What is a Child Theme” A child theme is a sub-theme of a parent theme that enables you to customize the code without breaking any original functionality. 

Child Theme is regarded as the finest and safest way to make changes in the existing parent theme. Developers also provide a way to create a bunch of fresh new designs and features along with a child theme. 

A slight modifying and updating lead to losing many things in a site. So a child theme is appreciated as it makes updates perfectly done without any fear to lose modifications. Let’s get to know in more detail why people use a child theme in WordPress. 

Why Use a WordPress Child Theme?

The child theme enables us to add functionality, features, code in parent theme without making any change in parent theme. Installing it isn’t hard either. Once installed it works as any of your other WordPress themes would work. 

WordPress Themes comes with numbers of files and codes. Making a small or big change can be tricky that leads to losing track. But through the effective use of child themes, you can keep things tidy even after enabling the changes.   

Install a WordPress Child Theme

Many of you might think that installing and using a WordPress Child Theme might be difficult. But don’t you worry, installing and using a child theme is as easy as using a WordPress Theme. Here, I will show you how to install Zigcy Baby which is a child theme of Zigcy Lite

  • Login to the Admin Area of your WordPress Website. Then, Click on the Appearance>>Theme option at the left sidebar of your page. 
  • Click on the Add New button to search for the child theme in your WordPress website. 
Install a WordPress Child Theme.
  • Type Zigcy Baby at the Search themes Option. You should type the name of the child theme that you are thinking of installing. 
Install a WordPress Child Theme.
  • Click on the Install Button. 
Install a WordPress Child Theme.
  • Remember that you just need to Install the parent theme to use the child theme. If you don’t have the basic knowledge to install a WordPress Theme go through our article
  • Search for the Parent-Theme Zigcy Lite. Be sure to search for the plugin that you want to install. Click on the Install Option. 
Install a WordPress Child Theme.
  •  After installing both the themes don’t forget to Activate it. 

I hope this article made you clear about the way to install a WordPress child theme. Additionally, if you are having confusion while switching to a different theme go through our article “How to Switch to a Different Theme on your WordPress Website?


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