How to install a Theme on your WordPress website

How to Install a theme on your WordPress website

Before starting the tutorial, I assume that you have installed the latest version of WordPress and it is running well.

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to install new WordPress Theme in your website. There are several ways of installing themes. I’m going to cover all the ways to do it in this step by step tutorial.

Are you excited? I’m sure you are. So, let’s begin!

Installing theme directly from WordPress theme repository

This is the easiest way of installing new WordPress theme on your website if that theme is available in WordPress repository.

Step 1:

Login to WordPress Dashboard. Click on the Appearance >> Themes menu.

Step 2:

You will reach to Themes page where you can see all the installed themes. By, default WordPress has 3 themes installed and the latest one is activated.

You might want to use the other theme than default, that offers features you need. To add the new theme, click on Add New button shown in picture below:

Step 3:

In the Add Themes page, search for the theme that you’d like to install. You can search theme with a related keyword or theme name.

Step 4:

After you find the right theme, click on the Install button.

Step 5:

The theme gets Installed. You’ll see Activate button instead of Install button. Click this button if you want to use this theme. (You can activate the theme later on as well from the Themes page as well.)

Step 6:

If you click Activate button in the previous step, you’ll reach to Themes page where you can see that your newly installed theme is successfully activated.

Upload and installing theme from your computer

If you want to install the theme outside WordPress repository, first of all, download it to your computer. Next, you’ve to upload it from your computer. Here’s how you can do it.

P.S First 3 steps are same to the first way to install WP theme.

Step 1:

Click on the Appearance >> Themes menu of your WordPress Dashboard.

Step 3:

You’ll reach to the Themes page. Click on the Add New button.

Step 4:

On the Add Themes page, click on the Upload Theme button as shown in the screenshot below:

Step 5:

Choose the theme file (in the .zip extension) and then click Install Now button.

Step 6:

The theme is uploaded and installed. Click on the Activate button to activate the theme immediately. (You can activate it later on as well.)

Step 7:

If you click Activate button in the previous step. You’ll see that newly installed theme is activated as in the screenshot below:

Congratulations! You have learned how to install new WordPress Theme in your website by uploading from your computer.

Upload and Install new theme using FTP

Uploading the theme using FTP is generally for the advanced users only. You need to have FTP credentials of your website to upload theme from this method.

Open FTP client like FileZilla.

Input your Host, Username, Password, and port (generally 21) and click Quickconnect.

Extract the .zip file. Locate the extracted folder in the local site.

Locate to wp-content >> Themes directory in a remote site.

Drag and drop the theme folder from the Local site to themes folder in Remote site.

After the successful completion of uploading the theme, go to WordPress Dashboard.

Click on the Appearance >> Themes menu.

You’ll see the uploaded theme there. Now, you can activate this theme.


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