How to Limit the Number of Posts in WordPress RSS Feed?


Wondering how to limit the number of posts in WordPress?

The simple definition of RSS is it is a type of web feed that provides regular updates to the users and applications from a website or blog of their choice. Also, users can keep track of their favorite website without visiting the site time and again with the help of an RSS feed.   

WordPress allows changing the number of posts as per our requirements. There is no specification on the number of posts which means we can control the list of the blog posts. Also, WordPress displays the 10 most recent posts in the main RSS feed.   

Limit the Number of Posts in the WordPress RSS feed 

In this article, we have mentioned the detailed steps to limit the number of posts in the WordPress RSS feed. Without delay, let’s start:

  • Login to your WordPress admin site and navigate to Setting >> Reading
  • Scroll until you find the option “Syndication feeds show the most recent posts
Limit the number of posts in WordPress RSS feed.
  • Change the number beside items like in the screenshot above. You can enter the number of posts you would like to display in the RSS feed.
  • Just below this option, you need to select whether you want to display in Full text or an Excerpt of your post in RSS feeds. We recommend you to select Exerpt as it reduces feed size and increases page view as well.
  • Make sure you click on the Save Changes button. 

Wrapping Up:

This is how we limit posts in the WordPress RSS feed. Follow the above-mentioned steps properly to limit posts in the WordPress RSS feed without any problem. Hence, I hope this tutorial was beneficial for you and that your queries were solved.  

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