How to Make Sticky Posts in WordPress

How to Make Sticky Posts in WordPress

Do you want to make sticky posts in WordPress? If you decide to make sticky posts you will be able to display the most significant articles at the top of your website. 

In WordPress, the frequently published article can be viewed at the top of the blog page. Sometimes this might be inconvenient as you might want to display an important article at the top. In that case, sticky post features can be the most suitable option for your website. 

Sticky posts are not only used to showcase your best posts. Instead, it can also be used to make important announcements among your visitors, customers, and daily traffic. The best part about making a sticky post is that it takes less than a couple of minutes. 

Let’s go through a couple of easy steps to make sticky posts on your WordPress website.

Make Sticky Post in WordPress

When you go through the beforementioned steps you don’t need to use any WordPress Plugin or have any kind of coding skill and knowledge. 

While making a sticky post firstly you need to create your own post. If you don’t know how to create a WordPress post go through our tutorial “How to Create your First WordPress Post?

As you have already created your post now go to Posts>>All Posts button at the left bar of your page.

Click Edit on the post that you want to turn into a Sticky Post.

Make Sticky Posts in WordPress.

Now click on Status and Visibility option at the right sidebar of your page. 

There you need to Tick on Stick to the top of the blog option to make sticky posts in WordPress. 

Make Sticky Posts in WordPress.

After that, if you haven’t published the article yet click on the Publish button. If you are editing the existing article click on Update Button. 

This is it! We hope it was easy for you to create a sticky post on your WordPress website.


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