How to Properly Move WordPress from HTTP to HTTPS?

How to Properly Move WordPress from HTTP to HTTPS

Do you want to move WordPress from HTTP to HTTPS? Being a website owner it’s your responsibility to keep your financial and other important information safe. For this one of the easy and important ways is to use HTTP and SSL encryption on your WordPress site. 

In this article, we will first learn about HTTPS as many users don’t know exactly what it means and its importance. Then, we will properly learn to move WordPress from HTTP to HTTPS. 

What is HTTPS?

Hypertext transfer protocol secure(HTTPS) is the secured version or an extension of HTTP. It is known as a primary protocol that is used to send data between browser and website. 

SSL and HTTPS are used to protect data transfer where we share our personal information among different websites. Web browsers such as Chrome make website rank differently which use HTTPS then those who don’t. 

HTTPS enables to protect all communication as well as customer information. It also works to legitimize as any sites using HTTPS can be verified very easily. 

Why use HTTPS instead of HTTP?

As in 2014, Google announced that HTTPS will be used as a ranking factor. Web securities can be improved in overall if owners switch from HTTP to HTTPS. 

Starting from July 2018 Chrome will mark “Not Secured” to all the websites without an SSL certificate. Additionally, websites using HTTPS will also be benefited from SEO and higher Google rankings. 

HTTP is insecure which can let hackers gain sensitive information from your website. Whereas HTTPS is designed in such a way that it can secure your website easily from any hackers. 

Properly Move WordPress from HTTP to HTTPS

We will suggest you use a plugin and go through the procedure if you are WordPress Beginners. While going through this method, you don’t need to have any kind of coding knowledge and it’s very simple yet easy. 

First of all, Install and activate Really Simple Plugin. We would suggest you use this plugin as it automatically detects your settings and configures your site to run over https. 

Login to your WordPress Dashboard. Then click on Plugins>>Add New. Search for Really Simple Plugin. After getting it, click on the button Install Now>>Activate.

Properly Move WordPress from HTTP to HTTPS.

If you are having any kind of problem or confusion while installing the plugin go through our article to install a WordPress plugin

After activating your plugin visit the Settings page. Then hover your mouse over the SSL option and click on it. 

Properly Move WordPress from HTTP to HTTPS.

Now this plugin will set up your website to use HTTPS automatically. This plugin will enable to use HTTPs in your URL and also check the SSL certificate of your website. 

Note: If you want this plugin to be working all the time. Then, remember you need to keep this plugin activated on your site. In case if you deactivate this plugin, it might bring some sort of mixed content errors. 

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