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How to Setup your Media Configuration in WordPress?

How to Setup your Media Configuration in WordPress
Do you want to set up your Media Configuration? If you are thinking to set up then, you are at the right blog. Here we will discuss some easy steps to set up the media configuration on the WordPress website. But before getting started let’s get familiar with this term. Media Configuration is defined as a setting for the media uploads done in WordPress. It can be done in just a one-step by setting the size of the image that you want. Setting up the media configuration is essential to publish the proper size image on your website. After uploading an image, WordPress converts it into three different sizes for different...

How to Insert a Media in your WordPress post?

How to Insert a Media on your WordPress Website
Think of yourself, reading a tutorial that contains the huge paragraph of texts and only texts. You would rather find it boring to read it right?  Media such as images, audio, videos, and other files in articles make the post simply fun and appealing to read. It is also the source of guide that explains what your context means by describing an explained figure.  Let us take an example related to WordPress, why? Because we are WordPress users! Imagine if you are taking the help of guide tutorial to make certain changes in your site, but the blog doesn’t have attributes to images. It is hardly difficult to understand what to...

How to Add Tags to your WordPress Post?

How to Add Tags to your WordPress Posts
When you decide to add tags to your WordPress post, it’s obvious that you would like them indexed by search engines quickly. So, why not? Let’s add tags and make our post rank higher than before.  Adding tags in the post according to the subject matter will increase the number of readers in the site. Tags help both search engines and human to find information easily. So, choose relevant tags and add them to highlight the information across the relevant subject and post.  So, before adding a tag let’s get a basic idea about the appropriate selection of words. For example: If your topic is ‘How to Install a Plugin in...

How to Set the Default Language of your WordPress Website?

How to set the default language of your WordPress website
The visitors whom you target to view your website must understand the language in which your site appears. For example, if the website you are creating is a website of government organization, then it is better if you set the default language into your country’s national language.  The case is similar with the other website users, that whom they choose their audience as. It is necessary for viewers to understand the content of your website. By default, all the WordPress website have the default language English.  If you want to change the default language, you have an option. Here, we have come up with a tutorial that will...

How to Set Featured Image in a Page or Post?

How to Set Featured Image in a Page or Post
Online articles with an image can receive 94 per cent more views than articles without an image. After knowing the effective use of Feature images, you can use it to increase the visual presence of your website. Set featured image to assign a specific image to the Media library and then to a Page or Post.  Adding a relevant Featured Image will sum up the whole content and introduce important elements. In addition, it works as a major driving force to attract the viewers to your site and encourage them to read the articles. It will be much more convenient if it can be clickable at the same time.  Before learning...

How to Change WordPress Website Site Title and Tag Line?

How to change your WordPress website Site Title and Tag Line
Though changing WordPress website site title and the tag line is a very easy job, to some of the beginners, it might be little confusing and relatively harder. That’s because it is a completely new thing.  In this case, learning to change is important. At a time, it could be a must for you to change, to give a new structure to your website. So let us take a quick view in the article.  Change WordPress website site title and tag line You can do it within a few steps. Let’s get it changed! From the General Section: Login to your WordPress...

How to Set Time Zone of your WordPress Website?

How to Set Time Zone of your WordPress Website
Lot of you might be thinking “Is it important to set Time Zone Settings on your WordPress site?” Personally, I would say yes as setting the Time zone will enable you to publish the post as per your expectation. The scheduled post will reach out at a proper time with the proper messages.  Time zone option differs according to the country or city. So, it’s really important to select the exact or close location that's suitable as per your country time. If you are thinking of building a profitable business it’s really important to set and maintain the basic WordPress settings. Set Time Zone of your WordPress Site

How to control/manage users registration on your WordPress website?

How to control/manage users registration on your WordPress website
When the visitors reach your site and view the contents, there’s a possibility that they might want to stay connected to your site. In most of the website you view, somewhere on the page of the home screen, there appears the option of registration. By default, WordPress doesn’t provide the option of user’s registration. In this case, with a few changes, you can control/manage users registration on your website.  Talking about the importance, having subscribers, writers and many other options help your website grow better in a smooth way. There will no more be only you, who needs to write for your website. You can have a lot of contributors to make your website...

How to Change Admin Email of your WordPress Website?

How to Change Admin Email of your WordPress Website?
While installing WordPress, you were asked to add an email address in one of the steps. By default, WordPress uses that very first email address as admin email. All the important notifications of website activities and performance are sent to the admin account. When your site gets more popularity most hackers might misuse your WordPress website or misuse your Email address.  In that case, the best option is to change the Email address and make it secured.  Sometimes the website owner wants to use a professional business Email address. In that case, you can change your Admin Email without any hassle. Let’s learn easy two methods to change Admin Email of...

How to Disable Comments in your WordPress Page/Post?

How to Disable Comments in your WordPress Page or Post
A comment section is one of the important parts of a WordPress website. It is a place where your audience can share their views, suggestions, a recommendation regarding your web contents. This will not only help you to increase user engagement but also boosts the overall SEO of your website. However, it does not mean you need to have a very active comment section as having lots of comments on the posts can create a negative impression as well. In this article, we will discuss why and how to disable the comments on WordPress website despite knowing that the comment section is a great place to increase the user interactions. So,...