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How to Create a Custom WordPress Menu?

How to Create a Custom WordPress Menu
Think that WordPress is too hard to learn? Not really, tutorials and blogs related to WordPress help you to understand it better. WordPress site is created after you choose the theme and make a few changes in the admin panel.  Same is the case with creating a custom WordPress menu, just a few steps and you are likely to create one.  A custom menu can also contain links to the important contents of your website or social media network. It helps your audience to direct toward the targetted destination. So, let’s get started and create a custom menu in your site:

How to Remove Category Base from your WordPress URLs?

How to Remove Category Base from your WordPress URLs
Are you thinking of removing category base from your WordPress URLs? Well, I am sure you want to do this to receive SEO benefits and better user-friendly URLs. Generally removing category means to remove /category/ from your site URL.  By default, WordPress uses categories base in their links automatically. But, don’t you worry, removing Category Base from your WordPress URLs is really easy.  Here we will be discussing two methods with step by step guide to get your category base removed. We will do it with and without the use of WordPress Plugin.  Remove Category Base through SettingsRemove Category using Yoast SEO Plugin Method I:...

How to Create Secondary WordPress Menu?

How to Create a Secondary WordPress Menu
A menu is usually a must on your website, as it accesses users to the page they would like to visit. Secondary Menus are the sub of Primary Menus. In order to Create Secondary WordPress Menu, you should have a primary menu list on your website. In the previous tutorial, I described the method to create a WordPress Menu with an external link. Today, we will learn to Create Secondary WordPress Menus. Let's start: Log In to your WordPress website or Click on DashboardClick on Appearance>>Menus Select the menu you would like to edit

How to Check your WordPress Plugin’s Version?

How to Check your WordPress Plugin's Version
Checking the WordPress plugin version is a simple yet very important step that one must not forget. Updating a plugin after checking it will keep your website up to date.  Despite having a lot of benefits, the plugin made by third-party developers might build up a lot of compatibility issues. Not, only this but the plugin might not as well work properly with your theme. In this case, you need to check your WordPress plugin’s version and update it.  Let’s go through some simple step by step guide. Checking the WordPress plugin’s version is essential in order to solve the possible issues.  Check your WordPress Plugin's Version

How to Create a WordPress Menu with External Link?

How to Create a WordPress Menu with External Link
Customizing the menus are one of the most important parts of customizing a website. You keep the link in the menus, to help direct users in the page they want. But did you know that we can create a WordPress menu with external links? Yes, you heard it right. Basically while developing/building your WordPress website, you create a menu. The menu consists of all the necessary pages that the visitors might need to understand the site better. Here, when you create a WordPress menu with external links, the person who clicks on the menu will direct him/her on the mentioned link and perform their activities.  Now that we know it, let...

Best Tips to Protect your Admin Area in WordPress

Best Tips to Protect your Admin Area in WordPress
Are you tired of hackers hacking your WordPress website? This is the right time for you to protect the admin area of your website. Doing this you will be able to reduce the security threats from the unauthorized users.  Drawing attention to the security feature is equally important as writing a blog on the website. Be sure that your site is secured and you don’t need to ask out for help after it’s hacked.   As a matter of fact, it’s equally important to understand that only a specific technique seems unlikely to succeed. So, we have discussed quite a few tricks that will allow you to protect your Admin Area. 

Everything you Need to Know About a WordPress Widget

Everything you Need to Know About a WordPress Widget
WordPress Widgets are a pre-built module that enables to apply particular functions without having any kind of technical knowledge. It can easily be installed and executed within the web page by the user. Users can extend their blog and show additional information in the predefined area with the help of widgets. Adding additional content and features would be easy in the widgetized areas of the theme by using a widget. If widgets were not available users would need to prepare the code and show simple things on sidebar manually.  Widget-ready areas can be found below content, header, footer, sidebar and many other areas in a theme. By default, WordPress comes along...

How to check your WordPress version?

How to Check your WordPress Version
With each and every new version of WordPress comes the new features, some more functions and more improvement in the efficiency. If a user is using WordPress for creating their website, it is somehow necessary to know the version of WordPress you use.  Once the version is new, updating your website accordingly can be fruitful for the website users. However, you can very easily check your WordPress version as it is displayed in every page of the admin users panel. Although, to some new users it can be a little confusing.  So, here we are with a tutorial! Login to your WordPress website or Click on Dashboard.

How to Make your WordPress URLs SEO Friendly?

How to Make your WordPress URLs SEO Friendly
Before making WordPress URLs SEO friendly let’s get to know “What is URL?” Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is the address of the World Wide Web page. It is used for email, file transfer, database access and many other applications.  If your website has SEO Friendly URLs it makes convenient for users to crawl pages throughout the site. Structure URLs that are Friendly with SEO are generally preferred best by GoogleBot. It’s quite important to have good Permalinks for SEO Success.  URL must be simple and structured with readable words and meaning. For understanding better, let's go through a simple example.  i. Example of a Good Permalink:

How to Reorder WordPress Page?

How to Reorder WordPress Page
By default, the WordPress websites don’t define page display order. In many of the cases, defining page display order can be necessary. It is because, in many of the themes, pages are used as the top menu items by default.  It is not necessary to display pages as your menu items. But, there are many websites in WordPress that are doing this. So for them, it makes sense to define page display order. You yourself might also want a menu of pages in your sidebar.  The pages of your website are displayed in alphabetical order by default. Some of us might be okay with that whereas some might want some other...