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How to Restrict Usernames and User Emails in WordPress?

Restrict Usernames and user Emails in WordPress.
Do you want to learn the way to restrict usernames and user Emails in WordPress?” Different people use different names for their identity. Some use the genuine name for their identification whereas some use foul language. Most of the websites allow people to register on their website, but sometimes people come with unusual names, trademark words, or have other issues as well.  To get rid of any type of issue, you need to prohibit the users who have names with foul language. In this article, we will talk about the easy way to restrict usernames and user emails in WordPress. Reason to Restrict Username in WordPress

How to Create Custom Permalinks in WordPress?

Create custom permalink in WordPress.
Have you ever thought you could create custom permalinks in WordPress? Permalinks are the permanent URL of your website. From blog posts to every page, every content of the website has its own permalink. By default, WordPress creates a permalink to the website. However, you can create your own custom permalink to boost your search engine optimization. If you are willing to create a custom permalink in WordPress but don’t know how to. You have chosen the correct article. After learning this article, you will be able to create custom permalinks without any problem. What is Permalink? Before being able to create a custom link...

How to Choose the Best Multipurpose Theme?

Choose the best multipurpose theme.
Do you want to find out the best multipurpose theme? WordPress is the most famous platform for creating websites of any type. It allows you to create any website with more advanced features and opportunities. Definitely, you need a theme to create a website. Choosing the correct theme is challenging. However, the increase in the number of themes in the market has increased confusion among the developer to find out the best theme for the website. Specific themes are established for a specific website. But, there is also a multipurpose theme in the market that is suitable for creating any type of website. Additionally, they can be used to create landing...

What are the Do’s of Choosing the Best Elementor Theme?

Don’t know how to find the best elementor theme? Everybody wants their website to have a stunning and unique look. No doubt, there are wireless possibilities to design a website. The only thing that stops is lacking advanced coding knowledge. Here you go with elementor which is one of the best page builder plugins that helps to create a stunning designed website without coding a single line very easily and very quickly.  The plugin has boundless possibilities for designing any website. Elementor is very handy in terms of customizing all parts of the website. From the header to the footer, the customization is no big deal for the developer using the...

How to Regenerate Your Permalinks in WordPress?

Do you want to regenerate your permalinks in WordPress? Your visitor is restricted to visiting the website having broken links. Broken links forbid not only your visitor but also you to go through the website. Therefore, this will definitely affect the user experience and surely hurt the site traffic. Thus, the ultimate solution to this problem is to replace the dead URLs by regenerating the new permalink in WordPress. In this article, we will learn to regenerate your permalinks in WordPress so that your visitors will not face any problem accessing your website Without further delay, let us start: Why Regenerate Your Permalinks in WordPress?

How to Add IndexNow in WordPress to Speed Up SEO Results?

Do you want to add IndexNow in WordPress to speed up SEO results? The easy way to speed up SEO results on the site is by adding IndexNow to WordPress. As we all know search engines are responsible for site traffic. Through it, the search engine will quickly get the latest update of your website.  Whether you make a new update or delete your content on the website, it will make your content discoverable to visitors. Hence, speeds up SEO results. In simple words, this is a helpful tool by Microsoft to index your website faster in search engines. Here we will discuss the IndexNow and easy methods...

How to Add Nofollow Links in WordPress Navigation Menus?

Do you want to learn the way to add Nofollow links in WordPress navigation menus? The nofollow link is added to the external link in order to restrict the search engine from following that path. Most of the users favor adding a nofollow link to the external link. However, beginners might feel difficulty in adding a nofollow link. Therefore, we are here with an easy tutorial to help you out.  In this article, we will discuss the nofollow link in detail as well as mention the easy way to add it to the navigation menu. We will ensure that after learning this article you will have complete knowledge about nofollow links...

What are the Do’s of Choosing the best Agency Theme?

Do you want to find out the steps to help you choose the best agency theme?  WordPress is obviously a well-known platform for creating a website. It is mostly preferred by users because it is both easy to use and customizable. There are themes and plugins that support WordPress and help the users to work smoothly to solve each and every difficulty. Talking about the theme, it is responsible for the creating appearance of the website.  Likewise, there are lots of free as well as premium versions of themes available in the market. We strongly recommend you to use the premium ones because they have more advanced and unique features that...

How to Choose the Best WordPress Hotel Theme for Your Website?

Are you looking for a way to choose the best WordPress hotel theme for your website? You might be the owner of the hotel, or might be thinking to start a new one. One thing is for sure, you would love to make your hotel as famous as possible and smoothly run the business. For this, you must have a strong physical as well as an online presence. Before creating a website it is a must to have the proper knowledge about the theme and the things to consider before selecting a theme. In this article, we will discuss the things to consider before choosing a WordPress hotel theme. 

How to Choose Wiki and Knowledge Base Themes for your Website?

Do you want to learn the way to find out the best wiki and knowledge base theme for your website? Wiki is like a website or even we can call it online resources that can be edited by multiple users. Like Wikipedias, some of the wiki websites are publicly available while some are limited to organizations. The main significance of the wiki website is that it allows information-house, allowing the team member to share the knowledge and work together more accurately.  The main motive of the wiki website is to easily provide information to the viewer. They are made up of multiple pages containing information about specific subjects or the representing...