How to Paginate Comments in WordPress?

How to Paginate Comments in WordPress

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become one of the main concern for all the website users. The betterment of SEO means the betterment of your site. It also plays a very important role to index your website ranking in Google. Most of the websites these days keeps SEO as the main concern for the improvement in posts, pages, articles, blogs, etc. In this case, one should learn to Paginate Comments in WordPress

Usually, what we see in most of the site is that the post having numbers of comment takes a long time to load while comparing to the one that doesn’t.

Comments are always useful as it shows how your visitors are connected to you and the posts you publish. But, in case of speed, it can cause a problem most of the time in your site. Not only this, if the numbers of comment are slowing down your website, it can also affect your SEO ranking. 

Here, in this tutorial, we will learn to Paginate Comments in WordPress to increase the load time of posts on your website. It is quite easy and simple as the option to paginate comment comes as WordPress feature by default.

Let’s Start:

  • Login to your WordPress website or Click on Dashboard
  • Click on Settings>>Discussion

On the page, you can see the option of Other Comment Settings.

  • Click on the option of  Break Comments into Pages. 
  • Select the number of top-level comments to appear on the page. 
  • Choose the option to display it. 
  • Click on the Save Changes button. 

Here have successfully paginated Comments in WordPress. Simple, easy and quick. 

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