How to Password Protect a WordPress Post?

How to Password Protect a WordPress Post

Welcome WordPress users, I guess. Introducing all the quick and easy contents to make users understand WordPress better. Yet, we are here with a new tutorial. How to password protect a WordPress post?

To some who searched for this topic might know the need of doing it so. In order to maintain privacy to make your few posts only visible to the audience or editors you want, you can password protect the post. 

Let us get started.

First of all, choose the post you want to password-protect. This can either be your new post or even the existing post.

In both of these, there’s the same way to do.

  • Click on the Post

There appears the option of visibility (set to public)

  • Click on Public
  • There appears the option visibility to Public, Private and Password protected.
  • Click on Password protected and type the password.
  • Once you are done doing it, Click on Update if it is an existing post and publish if it is your new post.

Here you are done with Password Protect WordPress Post that will now only be visible in the site to the audience you share the password. 

Easy, effective and fun learning WordPress!

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